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7 Benefits Of Visualization That Can’t Be Ignored

If you’re new to the concept of visualization, it can seem a little far out.

But visualization is simply creating a mental image of an idea. It’s taking the time to thoroughly think through a goal so you can experience the feelings of success before you even take the first step. Some people can visualize these outcomes perfectly in their minds, but others use tools like vision boards to help them truly see success.

Regardless of how you come to understand what visualization is or how you choose to practice, there are countless benefits of visualization that can’t be ignored.

Here are seven benefits of visualization that you can expect once you get started!

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1- Those Who Visualize, Succeed

Consider two people who both have similar goals — they both want to nail an interview for a new job.

One person visualizes herself getting dressed, making it to her interview on time, interviewing confidently, asking questions of the company to see if she’s a good fit, and so on. The other thinks nothing of the process and just shows up to the interview five minutes before the start time.

Who do you think has a stronger chance of success?

Studies show that people who engage in positive visualization produce better results in everything they do.

It works with every single career from singer to accountant.

To make visualization work for you, picture what you want to happen. Go through the motions in your mind.

Gain new insights as you go through the process. Then put your plan into action to make it happen.


2- Visualization Helps You Feel More Optimistic

feel optimistic visualization

People who practice positive visualization tend to feel more optimistic about the future. Even if success hasn’t happened yet, they already feel successful. They’ve experienced the feelings of success while visualizing it — and these positive feelings can lead to better outcomes down the line.

For example, if you’re trying to lose weight yet you’ve never dieted or exercised before, maybe you’re starting from a place of uncertainty and aren’t quite sure you’ll make it.

Giving up all your favorite foods and huffing and puffing at the gym isn’t exactly your idea of fun, after all.

But if you visualize yourself enjoying some healthier meals — maybe even enjoying learning to cook new recipes for yourself. Or engaging in physical activity that you enjoy, you can start to visualize yourself growing leaner, stronger, happier and healthier well before you even shed your first pound!

Doesn’t that sound more appealing?

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3- Increase Your Confidence Through Visualization

money mindset rich wealthy

When you are nervous or suffering from a lack of confidence, make a vision board showing a positive outcome of the situation.

For example, if you’re working on your first novel, create a vision board that shows your book becoming a number one bestseller in its category so that you can imagine how that feels.


4- Visualization Reduces Stress and Anxiety

body scan mindfulness meditation

Positive visualization of any situation can help reduce the stress or anxiety that normally occurs from the unknown.

Many professional athletes swear by this method.

They visualize themselves turning in a perfect ten performance and receiving their award, including all the cheers from the crowd.

Doesn’t that sound more fun than the alternative of hopelessly stressing out and feeling out of control?


5- Visualization Improves Focus

body scan meditation

Visualization can help you better set realistic goals.

By seeing what the result looks like through your visualization, you can create the steps to achieve the result you want.

Keeping your eye on the prize by seeing it through to completion in your mind’s eye can do nothing but keep you on the right track.


6- Visualization Makes You Healthier

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Starting each day with visualization and intention sets the tone for the day. Whether you visualize eating healthy, exercising, staying hydrated or something else, the more you visualize it, the easier it is to stick to your plan.

Furthermore, the mental health benefits of visualization are incredible.

If you feel depressed or anxious, visualization offers a break from the ills of your current reality and an escape to something that feels more pleasant.


7- Science Proves Visualization Works

how to meditation for beginners

The science behind visualization is incredible.

The human brain doesn’t know how to separate a real memory from an imagined one.

Because of this, you can fully experience through imagination all sorts of successes and learn many new skills faster.


Final Thoughts

raise your vibration

Most people use visualization without even thinking about it. But the thing is, they use visualization to support negative emotions and circumstances rather than positive ones.

It’s easier to visualize something that scares you or what could go wrong than it is to think about the multitude of things that could go right.

Don’t let that happen to you!

Take back some of your power and use it to support the positive things in your life. Know that your mind is strong and powerful and you have the ability to manifest and create so many beautiful things.

Start working on visualizing the positive and you’ll find yourself feeling better and manifesting more of your life goals.

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7 Benefits Of Visualization That Can't Be Ignored

7 Benefits Of Visualization That Can’t Be Ignored