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76 Tuesday Morning Affirmations For Success

This collection of positive affirmations for Tuesday is exactly what you need if you want to activate the law of attraction to manifest your dream life.

If you don’t already know, Tuesday is associated with the planet Mars, which at its best can represent adventure, direction, self-assertion, and strength.

At its worst, however, Mars can be domineering, toxic, and aggressive.

The key to manifesting frequently lies with using whatever energy is present around you, maximizing it to reach your fullest potential with the least resistance, and thus bringing about the change you want to see in your life!

Therefore, you should try to view Tuesdays as your day to focus on your dreams and what you want to manifest in your life while using the associated energy of Mars to help you.

When you wake up on Tuesday, take a few minutes to center yourself and connect with your desires.

Then, recite one or more of the following positive affirmations to help set the tone for your day and put you in the right frame of mind to conquer your goals.

Read on for the top Tuesday affirmations to set you up for success.


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How to use positive affirmations

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There are countless ways to use positive affirmations to bring about massive changes in your mindset, and thus – your life.

Here are three of my favorite ways to use positive affirmations to increase your chances of success.


1. Before you go to bed at night, take a few minutes to write out five affirmations that are relevant to your goals or desires. Post them somewhere that is easily visible. When you wake up, read through them first thing so it sets the tone for your day and puts you in the right mindset to take on your day.


2. Use positive affirmations as you are practicing mindfulness meditation.  When you’re first beginning to meditate, it can be difficult because your mind is racing with thoughts and worries left and right!

However, repeating a single affirmation or mantra that resonates with you while meditating, will help to clear your mind and focus on the task at hand.


3. Record yourself reading various affirmations, then listen to them while you’re driving in the car, working out at the gym, or simply going about your day. This will help keep the positive messages circulating through your mind all throughout the day.


Positive affirmations for Tuesdays

beautiful woman in a field thinking of small things to manifest.

Here are a few general positive affirmations for Tuesdays that you can use to get started.

After this section, we’ll go over specific Tuesday affirmations to help you in different areas of your life.

  1. Today is a new day and I am going to make the most of it!
  2. Today is a chance to start fresh and manifest my dreams into reality.
  3. Today I will be adventurous, outgoing, and assertive in all that I do.
  4. I am courageous and bold, and I will face any challenge head-on.
  5. I am confident in myself and my abilities, and I can do anything I set my mind to.
  6. I am grateful for this new day and all that it brings.
  7. I am full of positive energy this Tuesday morning.
  8. I’m already having an awesome week, it will continue today.


These are just a few examples to get you started – feel free to come up with your own affirmations that resonate with you specifically.

Now, let’s take a look at some specific Tuesday affirmations to help you in different areas of your life.


Tuesday affirmations for career and professional life

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First, we’ll go over some Tuesday affirmations that can help you use that Mars energy in the most positive way to manifest a great day at work.

Whether you work at a job or have your own business, here are a few affirmations to help you bring your creativity and assertiveness out in full force.

  1. I am a hard worker who gives 110% at all times.
  2. Today I will be the best boss, coworker, colleague, or team player possible.
  3. Nobody can stop me from achieving my dreams.
  4. I deserve to have a great career and I am on my way to achieving it.
  5. I am a skilled professional and I know what I’m doing.
  6. I am adventurous and come up with creative solutions to common problems.
  7. I know how to assert my will and get things done.
  8. I release shyness and embrace my ability to ask for what I want.
  9. My needs are always met at work.
  10. I share my inner self with others and thus have a happier life at work.
  11. I am a cheerful person and bring happy feelings to my workplace.


Tuesday affirmations for love and relationships

A young couple of brides walking in the pine forest twin flame romance

The energy of Mars can also be helpful when it comes to relationships – especially if you’re looking to add a bit more passion and adventure!

Here are a few Tuesday affirmations that can help you manifest a loving, passionate relationship.

  1. I am open to love and it finds me wherever I go.
  2. I am confident and secure in myself, and this helps me attract the right people.
  3. I attract healthy, positive relationships into my life.
  4. My partner is adventurous, exciting, and fun.
  5. Today love and adoration will follow me wherever I go.
  6. I am coming from a place of love today, so this will attract relationships that are loving and positive.
  7. I will have a great day in my relationship today.
  8. I am always safe and protected in love.
  9. People always choose me in the end, because I am a fun and fascinating person.


Tuesday affirmations for health and wellness

beautiful girl in jean shorts with arms raised on a beach vacation she manifested with grabovoi codes

Mars energy can also be useful when it comes to your health – especially since you want to stay motivated during the day!

Here are some Tuesday affirmations that can help you manifest physical well-being.

  1. I know I have what it takes to make healthy choices today.
  2. My body is a work of art and I work to keep it in peak performance today.
  3. I will fill my body with nourishing food this Tuesday.
  4. I can’t wait to eat a nutritious lunch today.
  5. High-vibe foods are my favorite mid-day snacks on Tuesdays.
  6. I am grateful for my healthy body and I follow through on my wellness goals.
  7. Today I work hard to keep myself in good shape and maintain a strong immune system.
  8. My body is a powerful machine and it can do anything!
  9. I let go of my worries and trust that I am healthy and strong.
  10. My energy levels are high and I’m a happy person.
  11. I have such a healthy routine in my everyday life.



Tuesday affirmations for wealth and abundance

rich woman manifesting money

Next, if you’re focused on manifesting money, these positive affirmations will help you use the energy of Mars to attract abundance in your life.

  1. I am always open to new opportunities when it comes to wealth.
  2. I tap into my inner Mars energy and use it to bring money, success, and prosperity into my life.
  3. My desire for success is insatiable and I go after it with passion.
  4. I know I can manifest anything that I want in this area of my life.
  5. I am the creator of my own reality.
  6. My mind is always focused on ideas and opportunities which can lead to success and money.
  7. Today, I am making a difference in the world and that leads me to new prosperity.
  8. My positive mindset attracts more abundance into my life.
  9. The more positivity I send out to the universe, the more I will get back.
  10. I am meant for having abundant life and I follow through on it.
  11. I have so many positive feelings about money today.


Tuesday affirmations to prepare you for your day

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Before you head out into the world, take a moment to think about what you want to manifest that day!

You can use these positive affirmations as a way to get your day started on the right foot.


  1. I am excited for everything that awaits me today.
  2. I am open and receptive to new opportunities today.
  3. Today is a great day for new beginnings.
  4. I am optimistic about my day and all that it holds for me.
  5. All of my dreams are coming true today.
  6. I am grateful for this new day and all the wonderful things that will happen in it.
  7. Everything is working out for my highest good.
  8. This is going to be a fantastic day!
  9. I approach this day with love, optimism, and joy.
  10. The energy of Mars helps me take action and follow through on my dreams.
  11. Today I am unstoppable and nothing can stop me from making great things happen!


Tuesday affirmations for self-confidence and self-love

attractive bohemian style woman lying on the sand 777.

As I’ve said before, it’s important to be able to embrace and use your Mars energy in a positive way.

Here are some Tuesday affirmations that can help you with your confidence and loving yourself at the core of who you are:

  1. I am powerful and unstoppable.
  2. I am confident in everything I do.
  3. I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  4. I love and accept myself just the way I am.
  5. I radiate confidence and power wherever I go.
  6. I am beautiful, inside and out.
  7. Everyone loves me for who I am and that makes me feel great.
  8. When I love myself, everyone else loves me too.
  9. I am everything and nothing at the same time and that’s okay with me!
  10. Every day, I learn more about myself and grow as a person.
  11. Today is the best day of my life because I created it.
  12. Today, I embrace my power and light.
  13. I am a force to be reckoned with and nothing can stop me!
  14. I am overflowing with love and positivity.
  15. Today is the start of an amazing journey to manifesting all that’s good in life.


Final thoughts

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May these positive affirmations for Tuesdays help you to manifest your dreams and live the life of your dreams.

Remember, what you focus on with your thoughts is what manifests in your life so choose wisely!

Let me know if this article helped you out!

Thanks for reading!

And don’t forget to get your free numerology reading because it’ll help the affirmations work that much stronger!


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