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How To 10x Your Manifesting Power With Subliminal Messages

If I told you that you could manifest almost a completely different life just by sitting in front of your laptop while you work, browse Facebook, check e-mails, and do other stuff all day — would you believe me?

I know it sounds too good to be true.

Honestly, I thought so too at first!

But over the years, I started to open my mind to new and different possibilities, trying all kinds of law of attraction and manifesting tools and hacks to improve my life and I found something that I think you’re going to love so much!

And I want to share it with you today so you can see exactly how you can use it to manifest money, love or anything else you desire!

First I’ll teach you all about how it works, then I’m going to share the story of how I used it to manifest 30 pounds weight loss in just a few months!

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Subliminal Messages For Manifesting Is A No-Brainer

free sublinimal affirmations

Don’t you think it’s a no-brainer?

Lose weight, win money, learn a new language, manifest your soul mate all without even moving from your chair.

If you get to keep doing what you usually do every day while improving the quality of your life, how dare you even consider passing up such an incredible opportunity?

I bet by now you’re wondering what kind of manifesting magic is behind this amazingly transformative potential, yeah?

I’ve got you covered!

Subliminal messaging is so powerful that it’s actually been banned from advertising.

It’s so persuasive to the subconscious mind that if used the wrong way, it can bring about negative consequences.

But that’s actually excellent news for you if you’re serious about the law of attraction and manifesting, right?

Because YOU can use it for good just the same, you can use it to manifest all the magical, beautiful, uplifting things you want!

It’s SO exciting, to say the least.


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The Power of Hidden Messages In Subliminal Technology

law of attraction

One thing I must say is don’t be afraid of the power of subliminal messaging.

When used the right way, subliminal messages are effective tools for subtly guiding your subconscious mind to do the most important #1 thing that will help you become a super-manifester – BELIEVE.

You see, for most of us (myself included – well, up until I started with subliminal manifesting), our subconscious mind is actually our worst enemy!

You can repeat positive affirmations, do your 55×5 method, and scripting and water manifesting, and all the other tools, but if your subconscious mind doesn’t actually believe it’s possible for you to get rich quick, fall in love with a handsome hunk, or even manifest something small. Guess what?

It won’t happen!

With subliminal messaging, all the dirty work of bypassing these negative thoughts is handled for you.

It’s literally hijacking your biggest enemy, blasting it into outer space, and allowing more positive thoughts to take hold – putting your conscious and subconscious minds into alignment so you can attract what you want with ease!

It’s SO exciting; you have to try it for yourself!


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The Best Part About Subliminal Messaging

subliminal messaging law of attraction

The best part of it all is that you get to control the entire process yourself.

Sure, you can go on YouTube and find other peoples’ subliminal messages, but you don’t know what’s in it.

You don’t know the focus, and you can’t make it specific to your needs.

You can’t control how long you’re exposed to it or when you would need to use it for best results. Right?

Having full control over your experience is going to help you achieve success and make your manifestations come to you so much faster.

You want fast, don’t you?

I know I do!


So, How Does Subliminal Messaging Really Work?

body scan mindfulness meditation

Extensive research shows that subliminal messages are most effective when used with a very specific goal.

So, for example, let’s say you desperately want to quit smoking.

Your motivation and intense desire combined with the right subliminal messages are powerful enough to push you toward reaching your goal.

But how does this all work?


Subliminal Messaging And The Subconscious Mind

manifesting your destiny

Subliminal messages work by targeting the subconscious mind, as I stated before.

They bypass the conscious, logical (often negative) brain and go straight to the subconscious. In this way, they get “into your head” and wield their power, and here’s why…

Your subconscious is literally a million times more influential than your conscious mind.

When you’re fully conscious, or awake, you’re only able to focus on one thing at a time.

You don’t have the time, energy or strength to spend your limited waking hours sifting through your beliefs! You’ve got other stuff to do. You have to work, interact with people, constantly evaluate your surroundings… there’s simply too much going on in your busy life, right hun?


manifesting with anchors


Your subconscious, however, is always awake. It’s always receptive. Your subconscious is always working away in the background, evaluating every little bit of detail that comes it’s way.

All that you see, do and hear is taken in so it can be used later.

So, whatever you believe really is a result of what your subconscious has absorbed.

To change any of those thoughts, beliefs or feelings you must do one thing – change the programming of your subconscious mind.

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How Subliminals Helped Me Lose Weight Fast

affirmations for weight loss

So a few years ago I was pretty overweight. Not like morbidly obese, but about thirty pounds heavier than I should be.

I tried everything I could to lose weight and could get a little weight down but I’d just rebound and keep overeating and gaining it all back.

I started with the weight loss subliminal and would do like ten minutes a day because I didn’t want to invest too much time in something if it wasn’t gonna work.

But you know what?

Things started to shift for me pretty fast.

Like after struggling with weight so much for a long time, the fat started melting off my body within just one week of starting meditation with the subliminal program! And I didn’t even have to change anything else that much.

I still ate what I wanted, but I noticed I would actually stop eating when I felt full instead of continuing to eat just because it tasted good.

I started drinking more water and less soda (I was addicted to Pepsi since forever)!

Then when I saw these results in the first week it made me want to do more and more…

So I started listening multiple times a day. Sometimes I’d put it on repeat and just play it over and over in the background. Then I started playing it while I slept…

And within a few more months I was down the whole thirty pounds!

I seriously manifested weight loss with subliminals, and since then have used them to manifest:

  • A great relationship
  • Extra money in my business
  • All sorts of free stuff (like a free trip to Vegas where I won $500 on a slot machine)
  • And more!


How To Get Started With Subliminals

raise your vibration

The good news is that you can get started manifesting your dream life with subliminal messages right now for free!

You can use the exact same subliminal audios I talked about in my weight loss example, too!

All you have to do is click here and you will get two free audios to help you get started.

Trust me, they really work.

The one I used to manifest weight loss of 30 pounds is called the Lose Weight Fast subliminal.

I’ve tried almost all the ones they have and I HIGHLY recommend Think Yourself Rich for manifesting money fast too.

That’s the one I played when I just so happened to win that money in Vegas!

Who doesn’t like free money?!

CLICK HERE to download those both and experience your very own manifesting magic!

You’ll be SO happy you did.


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