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8 Small Things To Manifest In 2024 (Law of Attraction)

Here are a few ideas of small things to manifest in 2024!

If you’re tired of setting New Year’s resolutions, only to fizzle out by January 15th, try setting intentions instead.

It’s a much gentler, easier, and way more fun approach to goal setting and inviting a little bit of magic, joy and positivity into your life.

Read on to discover some quick and easy wins of small things to manifest for your fresh start to 2024.


Before you start manifesting…

beautiful woman in a field thinking of small things to manifest.

This article will show you some of the easiest things to start manifesting in 2024, so if you’re new to manifesting you can get your year started on the right track.

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I’m telling you all of this right now because I don’t want you to have to waste your time the way so many people do.

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Why manifest small things in 2024?

Woman with Ukulele Beach Summer Holiday Vacation 122.

Many people wonder why they should start out with small things.

Because the truth is – we all want LOTS of big changes in our lives, and we want them NOW…

So what gives?

Well, the Universe is much more likely to give you what you want if it’s easy for you to get.

You see, the law of attraction works by sending out a request and then getting back whatever matches your vibration (energy).

The problem is that most people are trying to manifest something too big without taking time to raise their vibration first!

And that’s where the problem is – getting what you want isn’t about your words, or your actions…

It all comes down to how much and what type of energy you have!

If you think “this will never work” and “I don’t deserve this”, guess what?

That message of low vibration bounces right back at you!

So you need to start out with easy, manageable goals that match the energy of “I’m capable” and “I deserve this!”

Once you see yourself getting what you want, you then prove to yourself that the law of attraction works – then it’s time to go after a bigger goal!

Otherwise, your vibration will stay low and nothing good will happen.

And if I know you, you probably don’t want to stay stuck in the same place for too long!

Which is why I wrote this post – because if you manifest these small goals right away then your energy will start to rise and you can attract bigger things much more easily and the rest of 2024 will be a breeze!

It’s almost like magic…


How you should feel manifesting in 2024

Fashion Portrait of Beautiful Young Woman doing the 777 manifestation method

You should feel excited and empowered knowing that you can manifest exactly what you want, in any situation!

You will also experience the thrill of getting “small wins” to build up your momentum.

It’s so important for your self-image because it feels like a weight is lifted off your shoulders – now everything seems possible!

You will also start to see how much you’re capable of and believe in the Universe a lot more.

That’s because you’ve just proven that YOU can break through your own limitations!

And then, as if by magic – everything starts to flow easily…

It doesn’t actually take any extra energy on your part!

If you manifest small things and you feel this good, there’s no limit to what else you can do!

Here are some of the best things to manifest in 2024 and start your year off right!


1- Manifest a super-specific amount of money

rich woman manifesting money

First, you can try manifesting a very specific, small-ish amount of money.

The goal is to choose an amount of money that you wouldn’t be surprised if it popped into your life at any moment.

Which is why I recommend choosing a very small, specific number like thirteen cents or fifteen dollars.

For example – don’t pick something like “I want to manifest $20” because that’s not specific enough.

There are many ways you could get $20 and while it may feel abundant and you’d be excited to get it, you’d be missing something else – confirmation that it’s specifically an answer to your request.

Something relatively oddball is much better to start out your year.

I think maybe you should manifest $20.24 for the year 2024!

That way if you get it, you know it’s straight from the Universe, and it’s game on for more!


2- Manifest a specific item

best crystals for manifesting money

Next, you could try to manifest a specific item.

For example, you could manifest a small red box or green star.

You don’t have to be very descriptive about how these things will come into your life – just that they exist!

So maybe leave it up to the Universe and let yourself get surprised when one pops up somewhere unexpected?

This is a great way to get yourself excited about what’s possible in your life – you can manifest anything!

You could try manifesting an image of the item on TV, or in books…

Or see them in stores.

But nothing helps you trust in the universe and the process of manifestation more than saying “I want to manifest a blue butterfly,” then seeing someone walking down the street with a blue butterfly on their t-shirt!

You can also start trying for images in magazines or online ads – anything that is within reach and isn’t too far out of the realm of reality for you!


3- Ask for yes or no answers

wild boho woman in white on sand thinking about cinnamon manifestation ritual.

Another small, quick thing you can do is manifest yes or no answers from the Universe.

Similar to the above manifestation, you could pick two unique, random objects that are totally unrelated.

Set the intention with the Universe that one item means “yes” and the other means “no”.

Whichever you start to see most obviously becomes your answer!

For example, let’s say you choose a blue butterfly to represent a “yes” response and a pink box represents “no”.

You ask the Universe a yes or no question – like “will I find a job soon?” and then keep your eyes peeled for either the blue butterfly or pink box.

If you see one, it’s your answer!

This is the perfect way to test out whether manifestation will work in 2024!


4- Manifest discounts on things you want

Beautiful young hippie woman doing 33x3 manifestation method

Something else you can try is manifesting a discount on something that you know you’ll want or need to buy soon.

For instance, you can sit down with a list of things you want to buy – groceries, new clothes, books etc.

Then just set your intention that if the Universe wants to manifest any discounts on those items for you then it will do so!

You’d be surprised at how often this works and I’ve had some pretty exciting shopping trips as a result!

You could try this with any item that you know is on the horizon for purchase.

But if you’re feeling really daring, why not pick something like “I want to manifest a 20% discount at the mall” – then see what happens when it comes time to go shopping?

It’s so much fun and there are really no rules with manifestation!

Try it out and see what happens.

You might be surprised at how much you can manifest in 2024!

5- Manifest a compliment

beautiful girl in jean shorts with arms raised on a beach vacation she manifested with grabovoi codes

Another small thing that’s pretty easy to manifest is a compliment from a total stranger or even from someone you know!

You can do this by heading out into the world and practicing your manifesting skills.

So next time you’re at work, take a moment to notice someone around you who looks friendly or approachable- maybe it’s somebody on your team?

Then set an intention with the Universe that if they want to give you positive vibes through their words then they will!

It might take a few tries but this is another great way to test out your manifesting skills in 2024!

You could also try manifesting compliments from family members or friends, which can be even more fun.

Just set the intention that you want to receive positive vibes through their words and see what happens.

If you want to take this to the next level, you could even try manifesting a compliment from someone who you don’t necessarily get good vibes from.

Like if you’re at work and there’s a coworker who isn’t exactly friendly to you, you could set the intention that you send them good energy and that they return it to you through a compliment!

This is a great way to try and change the dynamic in 2024.

So whatever positive vibes you’re sending out there, just know that they’ll come back multiplied tenfold!

That’s one of my favorite parts about manifestation.

It works so well because when we send out positivity, we get back even more positivity.

So when you’re practicing your manifesting skills just remember that it’s always a two-way street and the Universe will be sure to send good vibes right back at ya!


6- Manifest a small cup of coffee

blonde in warm cozy sweater drinks a cup of coffee that she manifested.

Another fun and simple manifestation is a cup of coffee or tea.

If you regularly stop at Starbucks on your way to work, you could set the intention that someone pay it forward and get your cup of coffee on them.

Or maybe you win a free cup of coffee.

It’s not like how you receive the coffee matters, it’s that the Universe understands the intention and you wind up manifesting it.

That’s what counts!

Then, after your manifest your cup of coffee, you could return the favor and send one to someone else.

The chain of giving is so cool to be a part of, and you’ll find that you start to receive an avalanche of blessings once you participate in the circle.


7- Manifest a phone call or text message

Portrait of a beautiful young blonde. A happy young woman in a knitted sweater is sitting in a cafe drinking cappuccino and talking on the phone. Autumn. Winter. Cozy.Another small thing you can manifest a phone call or a text message from someone who you haven’t heard from in a while, if it’s on your heart to do so.

Just set the intention that if it’s meant to be then you’ll get a call or text from them.

You might have to put in some work with this one, because sometimes when someone tells us they don’t want to talk our brains just shut off and we forget about manifesting for things like this.

But there’s no harm in trying.

If you want to try for a text message, there’s also the option of setting an intention that they’ll respond right away if it’s meant to be.

This is just another way that manifestation works!

You have an idea or thought and then set your intention on how you can manifest it into your reality.

Then, you allow the Universe to answer your call and let it do its thing.

If there’s someone in particular that you want to hear from again, manifesting a phone call or text message is an excellent way of bringing them back onto your radar for 2024!

It’s a great intention to set to start the new year off rekindling relationships with those we’ve lost touch with in the past.

Give it a try!


8- Manifest new people

Boho girls friends walking in the city

Another small manifestation intention for beginners is to manifest new friends.

This can be done by setting the intention that you want a friend who has certain characteristics or qualities, and then letting it go.

You might find that you are suddenly drawn to different places and events that you hadn’t really considered before.

Much of the time, the Universe works this way.

It will draw you out into someplace new where you’ll meet new people.

It’s synchronicity at it’s finest, and it’s so lovely when that happens!

I’ve gone to conferences, new activities in town that I’ve found on Groupon, even to the gym when I had intended to blow off my workout, and met some interesting people who would later to play significant roles in my life!

What better to manifest at the start of 2024 than avenues for new and interesting people to enter your life?

Just set the thought out there and see what happens – I’m betting good things will come of it!


Final thoughts on manifesting small things

two young beautiful girls in turban on the beach at sunset friends.

These are just some ideas for small manifestation intentions that you can set in order to change up your life, but the possibilities are truly endless.

Just think of what it could be like if we all became more aware of our intention-setting skills and how strong they really were!

It’s worth trying them out to see how well they work for you as you enter a fresh, new year!

Oh, and don’t forget to start your new year with a fresh sense of purpose and direction by reading and reviewing your free numerology report!

The new year is the perfect time to review it to make sure you’re on the right track.

(Get it now, it’s free!)



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