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8 Powerful Manifestation Methods To Try Tonight

There are so many powerful manifestation methods you can try to help you bring your desires into 3D reality.

The problem is that many of them all work the same way.

You have to write long sentences for days and days on end – then if you make a mistake you have to start all over!

That doesn’t really work for everybody.

So, if it doesn’t work for you, I want you to know that you’re in luck.

There are quite a few lesser-known manifestation methods that are quicker and easier for you to try.

Here are 8 totally unique manifestation method options for you to try tonight!


The key to manifesting the fastest…

powerful manifestation methods

If you’re truly serious about taking the fastest manifestation path, there’s one thing that you need to do first.

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It contains your divine strengths and weaknesses and clues you into the challenges and blockages you might have to overcome to reach your fullest potential.

Of course, you have free will and therefore you can always take actions that can help or hurt you.

But that’s just the thing…

If you don’t know where to look or what to focus on, you’re at a strong DISadvantage, because you might be manifesting in the wrong way or trying to “fix” a problem that doesn’t even exist!

Furthermore, you might have strengths, gifts, and blessings that you’re totally unaware of, and these could be things that you would use to help the universe deliver your manifestations that much faster!

So if you want to clear any blockages, learn your gifts, overcome your challenges, and thus manifest faster, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll want to get your numerology reading, is it not?

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Get yours now.


1- The phone method

Portrait of a beautiful young blonde. A happy young woman in a knitted sweater is sitting in a cafe drinking cappuccino and talking on the phone. Autumn. Winter. Cozy.

The phone method is a manifestation method that uses the power of positive thinking and intention to help you achieve your goals.

You simply need to write down your goal on a piece of paper, and then place your phone on top of it.

Set an intention to “charge” your phone with your intention – using the paper as a “charging pad.”

Then, every time you pick up your phone, you will be reminded of your goal, and this will help you bring it to manifest.

You can use something other than your phone with this, but your phone is probably one of the best objects because you’ll have it with you all the time every day and will likely never forget it.

Habit is the secret of manifestation, after all!


2- The pencil method

woman writing her 10-10-10 worksheet

The pencil method is a very simple manifestation tool to help you achieve your goals. It works like this: Every time you pick up a pencil, draw or doodle on it using your dominant hand (the one that you write with).

The more vivid and detailed the better; as you do this, ask yourself if what you’re doing will help you achieve your goal.

If it does, then press harder with your pencil and really visualize yourself achieving that goal.

Your brain will automatically associate the feeling of being more productive with what you are drawing.


3- The water method

beautiful young woman swimming in sea with wreath conceptual manifesting with water

The “water” manifestation technique is a very powerful one; all you need to do is get a glass of water, hold it in your hands, and “charge” it with your intentions before you drink it.

Water has so many properties and it can take on the energy of words spoken to it or written on the bottle or cup.

You can also write or tape the words to the cup, but it’s faster and easier to just use your hands and your intentions.

Try it and see how it goes!

Just tell your water what you want it to do and envision the charged water transforming your energy on a cellular level (because it is!)


4- The aluminum-foil method

universe trust manifesting

The aluminum-foil method is a manifestation technique that works by taking aluminum-foil and using it to “charge” your intentions.

You simply write down your goal on the foil, then fold it into a small envelope that you can carry around in your wallet.

Every time you get the opportunity, take out the folded foil and visualize what you would like to achieve – feel how it would feel to already have achieved your goal.

Do this often enough and positive thinking will lead you towards achieving that goal.

The reason aluminum foil can work for manifestation is that it is more substantial than paper, so you can really feel the energy of your goals attached to it.


5- The candle method

big o method manifestation

The candle manifestation technique is another one that uses some kind of flame.

You need to write out your intention on a piece of paper, and light a candle with your dominant hand (the right if you’re right-handed, and the left if you’re left-handed).

While keeping your dominant hand over the candle, read out what is written on the piece of paper.

But don’t keep your hand so close that it burns.

You do want to feel the heat rising from the candle but don’t hurt yourself!

The reason you want to feel the heat is because this is heat activation energy that helps activate your intention.

Envision all your goals being manifested as your energy combines with the flame.

This method works because it relies on a combination of spoken words, visualization, the power of your subconscious mind, and physical heat which is the energy of the universe.


6- The mirror method

mirror work louise hay review

The mirror is another manifestation tool that uses positive thinking to help you achieve your goals.

This works by simply standing in front of a mirror, looking at yourself, and saying what you want out loud as if it has already happened.

You repeat positive affirmations to yourself and in a way, this is the law of self-concept in action.

The key is in intent – you have to acknowledge that you can’t always manipulate or control the thoughts and actions of others, but when you have a high self-concept you will effortlessly attract what you want.


7- The hairbrush method

beautiful woman laying on the ground in a bikini

If you want to manifest long, healthy, beautiful hair, take your hairbrush and brush your actual hair, but keep brushing past the length of your hair.

It sounds crazy, but it works to grow hair lightning fast.

So you would start and the top of your head as usual, but once you reach the ends, you keep the brush going all the way down your arms as long as you want your hair to grow.

I got my hair to grow three inches fast with this method so I know it works!


8- The manifestation jar method

Beauty portrait of the girl with flash tattoo

The manifestation jar is a simple method where you get a clear mason jar and fill it with positive things that you want to manifest.

Or at least the idea of those things.

If you want to make a love jar, you put small rose quartz crystals, photos that remind you of the type of love you want, flowers or roses, essential oils for love, etc…

If you want to make a money jar, you put coins, banknotes, money images, etc…

You can use the manifestation jar as a focal point for your visualizations as well as reminding you to manifest what you want.

You also add positive affirmations or other things that inspire you.

Once you’ve created the jar, you hold it in your hands, visualize your desire coming to you, then find a place to bury it outside.

In this way, you release the intention to the universe and it will come to you.


Final thoughts

Beautiful boho fashion model with bag and necklace used powerful manifestation methods for success

crystals for beauty physical attraction

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some of the lesser-known quick and easy manifestation ideas that you can try without too much fuss!

I know the law of attraction and manifestation can seem tricky, and sometimes you don’t have the time or desire to do the tedious, repetitious rituals that require you to write things down over and over for days on end.

But you can definitely use some of these methods to accelerate the process.

So give a few a go and see how it works for you!

Oh, and don’t forget to get your free numerology report.

You don’t stand a chance of having success using one of these “quick and easy” manifestation methods without it!

It’s the only way to use law of attraction shortcuts and not wind up with the short end of the stick!





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