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How To Do The Pillow Manifestation Method (5 Easy Steps!)

Have you ever heard of the pillow manifestation method?

If not, don’t worry!

I’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, I’m going to give you a step-by-step guide to doing the pillow manifestation technique that you can use for your next reality shifting session.

So, let’s get started!


One to help you with the pillow method

beautiful bohemian woman resting in a field with flowers surrounding her head doing the pillow method

So I had immediate success with the pillow method and I know you can too, but I do want to be honest about something else I did (and still check and analyze even more…)

It’s that not just with the pillow method but with every manifestation exercise, I didn’t start to get super strong results until I got my numerology reading.

Listen… I’m a naturally curious person, but also skeptical at times if that makes sense?

So I hear about something new and it does take me hearing about it a few times before I go for it.

So I heard about the numerology reading and at first, I was so busy so I was like “meh”, but then I finally got mine done and when I did…


I was manifesting so-so before, right?

Like let’s say I wanted to manifest money.

I’d do a ritual and then in like about a month, I’d get some money.

That was cool and I mean, it’s still just easy, free money right?

But after my numerology reading, it was like the whole world opened up to me.

I started manifesting crazy money in a few days – sometimes overnight.

I was manifesting texts fast, my hair grew longer, I lost weight…

Like my life just started to transform!

And it’s free!

Like, seriously, I felt so silly for wasting time being all weird about it when all I had to do was get a free reading and all these blessings from the Universe started raining down on me.

I don’t want you to waste your time and delay your results by making the same mistakes, babe!

I want you to fast-track your success with the pillow method and everything else so you can start winning big like I finally did, now.

All you have to do (before using the pillow method – not after) is get your free numerology reading.

(Make sure you actually pay attention to the advice – it’s important!)

Then see how fast all your dreams can come true!

You’ll love it – promise!

Get yours now.

What is the pillow manifestation method?

sensual boho woman in white dress sitting on flower field after bay leaf manifestation rituals.

The pillow method is a powerful manifestation technique that you can use to manifest your dreams.

You combine positive affirmations and creative visualization to manifest overnight!

Many people (myself included) like it a lot because it’s simple, it doesn’t require a ton of experience or materials, and you can manifest in your sleep!

I think that’s so cool, don’t you?

Anyway, the pillow method is so quick and easy and I can’t wait to tell you how to do it.

Here’s how to do the pillow method in five simple steps:


1- Think of what you want to manifest

beautiful bohemian woman with a white wreath around her head with 111 flowers

Let’s say your dream is more money.

So for this step, just think about what you really want to manifest, down to the exact dollar.

You might want more money but being vague with the Universe won’t really cut it.

You need to be specific!

For me, I like to start with $500.

So, let’s say we want $500!


2- Create a pillow method affirmation

body scan meditation

So for this step, think of something that represents the money you want to manifest.

For me, I would say “Super thrilled to have an extra $500 into my account!” or even just “Yay, $500!” as an affirmation so let’s write it down!


3- Write the affirmation

beautifuBeauty Girl in the Meadow. Beautiful Young Woman Outdoors. Enjoy Nature. Healthy Smiling Girl lying on Green Grass with wild Flowers. Laughing And Happyl girl outside

For this step, you want to take several deep breaths, then write the affirmation on paper by hand.

This is because your subconscious mind can’t read but it can feel and so writing it by hand helps get the positive energy and meaning of your message across!

It’s also important that you do this step in the present tense because it’s happening already.

So instead of saying “I’m going to have $500”, you want to say “Super thrilled to HAVE an extra $500 into my account!” or even just write “Yay, $500!”.

Once you’ve written your affirmation down on a piece of paper (or a bay leaf for a little extra “zhuzz”), fold it up and put it under your pillow.


4- Place it under your pillow at night

boho woman with white flowers in her head standing next to a barn she manifested with scripting.

For this step, just place the piece of paper or bay leaf under your pillow.

Some people like to add extra things to it to help the manifestation process move along.

If you’re manifesting a specific person, you could add a photo of them if you have one.

Or, if you know what crystals would suit your manifestation you could add a crystal as well because it can help things along.

For me, I like to add a bay leaf and some lavender because it gives good vibrational energy.

Once you’ve added your extra ingredients, just go to sleep and let the magic happen!


5- Visualize your desire

beautiful girl kissed by the sun contemplating angel number 511.

For this step, just allow yourself to float off into your imagination before sleeping!

You can visualize your desire taking place and try to just flow with it.

This is when the magic happens because you are programming your subconscious mind with only positive, good things while you sleep so it helps you actually uptake the suggestions.


How to do scripting with the pillow technique

wild woman holding feathers over her body scan.

You can boost your pillow method results if you combine other manifestation exercises with it.

For example, you could write a scripting letter to the universe instead of doing your standard pillow affirmations as described above.

And this letter will go a long way toward letting the Universe know exactly what you want!


How to do 33×3 or 55×5 with the pillow technique

Beautiful lady in autumn landscape after scripting her dream life.

Similar to with scripting, you could use the pillow method with any written manifestation.

It helps because you need to do something with the paper once you’ve finished, right?

For the 33×3 method, simply put the paper under your pillow at night for each of the three days of the exercise.

For the 55×5 method, put the paper under your pillow for five straight nights.


Can I use my phone to do the pillow method?

beautiful boho chick in white standing at the lake contemplating angel number 999.

No, you can’t use your phone with the pillow method because then your subconscious mind can’t feel what you’ve written, and then it won’t uptake your suggestion.

You’ll just be wasting your time.


Can I do the pillow method with another technique?

receive spiritual messages from the universe

Yes, you can combine the pillow method with other manifestation methods at the same time but only if you’re asking for one thing.

Don’t do the pillow method for money one night, then for love the next.

Wait at least 30 days before using the same method for different requests.

Also, don’t do the pillow method back to back for the same request after time has run out.

If you’re asking for $500, do the pillow method for eight days, then give it at least 3 more weeks before doing the pillow method again if your $500 has yet to manifest.

Back-to-back requests for the same thing wind up having the opposite effect because they actually block your request.

It shows the Universe that you’re operating from a place of lack and you wind up manifesting more lack.


How long do I do the pillow method?

cinnamon coarse salt money manifestation

A typical course for the pillow method would be eight days, unless you are using it in connection with another exercise, like 33×3 or 55×5.


What do I do after I finish the pillow method?

cute girl in yellow dress walking through a field thinking of angel number 444

After you have finished your pillow method, simply fold up the paper and put it with all of your other manifestation notes.

Then, forget about it!

You must move on with your life fully knowing that the universe is conspiring to work on your behalf.

You have to have faith and belief that the law of attraction is working to manifest your request.

Just because you’re not actively doing anything doesn’t mean that everything has stopped working!

However, if you still feel like there’s something missing in your life or something isn’t right and it hasn’t manifested after the pillow method exercise, try again with a different manifestation technique for another round or two.

Make sure you’ve paid close attention to the information in your free numerology report too!

I can’t tell you how many times people I know have said their manifestations weren’t working, then when they actually got their reading, paid attention to what it said, and took action – poof – like magic, they manifested their desires!

Keep the faith no matter what and always remember – you can manifest anything your heart truly wants.

Just make sure to take action, continue staying positive, and NEVER GIVE UP!

Good luck!


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