vegan plantbased trail mix cookies

Vegan Trail Mix Cookies

These tasty trail mix cookies are so adaptable! They are vegan, plant-based, and can be adjusted to be low-calorie as…


Simple Vegan Oat Cookies

Warm, hearty, and easy to eat on the go, these Simple Vegan Oat Cookies are packed with nutrients to kickstart your day! With a mix of oats, almond meal, and just a touch of sweetness from maple syrup, you'll have a breakfast that's not only quick and convenient but also satisfying and packed with fiber.

30-Day Jumprope Workout Challenge For Beginners (EASY!)

Are you looking for an easy 30 day jump rope workout challenge for beginners? You don't need a fancy home gym, tricky jump rope tricks, or even tons of time to burn fat from this quick and easy skipping rope workout! Grab your jumprope and start today so you can share your 30 day jump rope challenge before and pictures soon!