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5 Ways Being Mindful Nurtures Your Spirit (And Helps You Manifest, Too)!

We’ve all heard about mindfulness – it supposedly makes you happier, smarter and richer, right?

Oftentimes, a lot of focus gets placed on what being more mindful can do for you physically and materially.

And while those benefits are awesome, perhaps, more importantly, mindfulness has other equally awesome but less material perks.

Mindfulness has the ability to nurture the part of you that’s deep inside – your spirit.

You should always strive to nurture your spirit. But doing so is even more crucial during difficult and uncertain times.

When you make mindfulness a natural part of your life, you will experience the uplifting benefits it offers.

Here are five soothing ways that being more mindful can nurture your spirit.

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5 Ways Mindfulness Nourishes Your Spirit

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1- Be Mindful To Stay Present

First, mindfulness makes you focus on the present moment, which leads to joy.

Mindfulness is all about being aware of the current emotional, physical and mental state you’re in right at this moment.

Through mindfulness, you become aware that, hey, the past is in the past and the future isn’t here yet.

You become fully aware that living always occurs in the present.

When you recognize this, you can feel joy on a new level.

According to meditation master and Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh,

“Mindfulness is when you are truly there, mind and body together…you are established in the present moment.

Then, you can recognize the conditions of happiness that lie within and around you, and happiness just comes naturally.”

Rather than getting mired down in the difficulties of the past or worries about the future, mindfulness allows your joy to burst forth in the present. Because, really, the present is all we truly have.

2- Be Mindful To Boost Creativity

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Second, mindfulness helps nurture your creativity.

In a 2012 research study by Colzato et al. published in the journal Frontiers of Psychology, people tried mindfulness meditation and researchers looked at how that practice affected their ability to engage in tasks that required creative thinking.

The results demonstrated that people who engaged in mindfulness meditation “showed more flexibility, fluency, and originality” in their tasks.

Mindfulness has the power to water the seeds of your creative potential. In his book Mindfulness for Creativity, author Danny Penman discusses how mindfulness techniques have been “proven to enhance creativity.”

He found three ways that this happens:


  • First, creative thinking allows your mind to open up and receive new ideas and new ways of thinking.
  • Second, mindfulness increases attention span and therefore allows people to focus deeply on creating new ideas.
  • Third, mindfulness empowers people to be strong and optimistic when receiving critiques of their work, which further enhances the creative process.


Creativity uplifts human beings and brings passion and joy to work and life. Mindfulness boosts creativity and allows you to express yourself with confidence.


3- Mindfulness Boosts Your Sense Of Self-Worth

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Third, mindfulness helps to shift your focus onto what really matters: you.

This doesn’t mean mindfulness makes you selfish.

Instead, people who engage in mindfulness stop looking around and envying other people’s successes and instead focus their energy on personal development.

According to the American Psychological Association, mindfulness helps people catch themselves in the process of ruminating about other people and then stop the rumination.

Instead of ruminating about problems or other people’s successes, people can direct their attention to their own personal values and engage in behaviors that enhance their own lives.

Envy and anger decrease and personal well-being increases.

When you’re mindful, you can more easily recognize what is causing your anxiety.

Mindfulness helps to clear your thinking and make decisions that are best for you.

Instead of wasting your time focusing on other people’s lives, you can place all your energy onto your own life.

Your goals and dreams become more tangible and life becomes more vivid when you take care of your own needs and desires.


4- Mindfulness Creates Space For Positivity

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Next, mindfulness reduces anger, creating space for positive emotions to blossom.

Anger is often a very unpleasant emotion to feel because it can hurt not only others but ourselves. It can feel painful to be angry.

Anger that festers inside of our bodies and minds stunts the growth of a spirit of peace and happiness.

According to Mindful Magazine, mindfulness is “good news for those who want to control their anger but find it hard to do.”

Mindfulness has been shown to reduce angry emotions. According to a 2018 study in the journal Mindfulness, results showed that among people who were equally angry about a specific situation, those who practiced mindfulness meditation “were less willing to be vengeful.”

Interestingly, the researchers found that this result occurred not because mindful people suppress emotions. Instead, mindfulness helps people “decrease their desire to cause harm in the first place.” Therefore, you’re “less in conflict with your motivation,” says the study’s author. Harmonious living can blossom in a life guided by mindfulness.


5- Mindfulness Helps With Manifesting

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Finally, if you’re desiring of manifesting change in your life, mindfulness helps with that, too!

So many times we get caught up on all of the external stimuli in the world that we forget to be present and look at all the opportunity that exists around us.

Manifesting is so great because some people like the spiritual aspect of it, while others can take it or leave it. I’ve wavered between the two over the years.

But I’ve come to find that when you lean into the spiritual aspect of manifesting and practice mindfulness to connect to your spirit, your manifestations are stronger, faster and more in alignment.

You see, spirituality is important because you need to connect with your true self so you can set intentions that really matter to you.

Mindfulness helps you create a stronger connection to who you really are so you can determine what you really desire.

That way, the universe can bring it to you with ease and grace.


The Best Way To Achieve Mindfulness

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In the busyness of everyday life – working, running errands, taking care of others – we can forget that our spirits need to be taken care of in order for us to flourish. Mindfulness lets us tap into that less tangible but equally important part of ourselves and provide it with some TLC.

The fastest, easiest way that I use to achieve mindfulness is through meditation. But I’ll admit with everything going on in the world lately, I’ve been struggling to achieve that total state of peace and calm that I’m used to.

Incredibly, just two days after asking the universe to send me some help, a girlfriend of mine casually mentioned this amazing meditation program called Zen12.

I was skeptical at first because honestly? I’ve been meditating for years now. Even through difficult times in my life. So I didn’t really think some random program could help someone like me achieve more mindfulness.

But I was wrong. 

When the universe answers your requests for help, it’s so important to put your pride and ego aside, keep an open mind and try new things!

Zen12 works so fast and so well… it really is like getting a full hour of quality, deep mindfulness meditation in just 12 minutes. It helped me get to where I was before all the madness (and honestly even a little bit better!)

So if you like the benefits of mindfulness but aren’t quite sure how to get there? Try it for yourself! It really works!

The best part is you can try it 100% free (even better in the middle of a worldwide crisis, right?)

Click here to try Zen12 for yourself instantly and see what I’m talking about! You’ll be so glad you did 🙂


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5 Ways Mindfulness Nurtures Your Spirit (And Helps You Manifest, Too)!