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9 Quick Tips To Boost Your Meditation Practice

If you’re like many people, you’re either already benefiting from meditation – or are at least considering giving it a go.

And with good reason!

Meditation has so many benefits!

It can improve your mood, your health, and your entire life.

Meditation reduces anxiety and depression, increases your resilience, raises your vibration, and helps you cope during challenging times in your life.

There are so many different types of meditation to try. It’s definitely worth trying as many different meditation styles as you can so that you see what works best for you.

But, regardless of the meditation style that you most enjoy, there are ways to get the most out of any session.

Today I’ll be sharing some of my best ideas to help you get the best results from meditation.

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9 Tips For More Effective Meditation

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1- Try A Brainwave Meditation Program

With everything going on in the world right now, I personally have been having a HARD time meditating.

I asked the universe to help me with this, and just a few days later a girlfriend introduced me to this new audio meditation program called Zen12.

Skeptical at first, I resisted. But eventually, I realized that this just might be the answer to my prayer! So, I tried it out and I’m so glad I did!

I’ve been spending so much time struggling to achieve the same state of deep meditation that I’ve been used to all these years totally unnecessarily — and you might be too!

Zen12 basically does ALL the hard work for you! I’m now getting the spiritual, mental and physical benefits of meditating deeply and intensively for an entire hour — in just twelve minutes!

If there’s anything you do to boost your meditation practice, try this. It’s just that good.

And the best part is it’s 100% free to try. You have nothing whatsoever to lose, and unlimited peace and calm to gain.

Click here to try Zen12 for yourself — you’ll be blown away!


2- Chose the Right Location

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First things first. Make sure you try your very best to select an ideal location to practice meditation.

If possible, set a regular location at home or anywhere you have privacy, where you can take a few minutes of your day on most days for comfortable meditation.

Make sure the environment is neither too hot, cold, hard, or uncomfortable. But you also don’t want it to be too comfortable where you are likely to fall asleep.

If you’d like, add candles, incense, crystals, or any other calming, soothing spiritual items to help you get into the right frame of mind to enjoy a meditation session.

3- Dress Comfortably

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Next, please beware that it’s unnecessarily hard to get relaxed for meditation if you have on too restrictive clothing.

Try to wear loose, comfortable clothes with soft material that makes you feel free.

If that’s not possible, at the very least, loosen your clothes so you can sit without material distractions.


4- Sit With Correct Posture

When you sit down for meditation, make sure you have proper posture.

You don’t have to sit crisscrossed on the floor in a lotus position if that’s not comfortable for you.

But if you can I highly recommend getting a meditation cushion! (I have the one above and I LOVE it!)

For that, make sure whatever position you choose, you have a straight back.

Either sit on the floor or on a chair, upright with a straight back.

If you prefer, you can also lay down. Just try not to fall asleep!



5- Close Your Eyes

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When meditating, it’s important to eliminate as many distractions as possible. You don’t want things to intrude and invade your space.

As such, while you can meditate with your eyes open, it’s so much easier to grow distracted that way.

Close your eyes to block additional stimulation so you can focus your thoughts, breath, and awareness more effectively.

6- Smile

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Something that often goes unconsidered when it comes to meditation is that you can influence your experience by changing your expression.

As you close your eyes to meditate, smile!

Don’t just smile with your mouth, however.

Smile with your whole face.

As you meditate this way, you’ll trigger the release of happiness hormones, which makes it so much more powerful and effective.


7- Focus on Your Breath

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While instructions vary depending on the style of meditation, for the most part focusing on your breath is straightforward.

You start by drawing in the air slowly, gently, and fully through your nose, and exhaling fully through the mouth.

Some styles of meditation encourage different breathing speeds.

Over time, you’ll learn what works best for you.

But start with slow breaths and make sure you fill your diaphragm and lungs to capacity before releasing and you’ll enter deeper states of relaxation and focus in your meditation.


8- Use a Meditation Mantra

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A mantra is a short statement or even just one word that grounds you.

You can have more than one mantra, but it’s a good idea to focus on just one per meditation.

A mantra will help you boost your meditation practice in so many ways.

Mantras give you single focus points and help focus your wandering mind. A good mantra will also help you find calmness and grounding.

A simple mantra could be a single word like “focus”, “breathe”, or “relax.”

Try it!

9- Try A Meditation App

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When you first meditate, it can be hard to get through even your first five minutes.

You’ll wonder if you’re doing it right or wrong, you may feel stupid or like it’s not working, or even feel frustrated that nothing’s happening.

For this reason, you might like to try many of the meditation apps on the market.

I recommend the free Insight Timer app because it’s got so many features.

The guided sessions are great, and they even have courses you can take on various topics of interest.

Click here to learn more about it (it’s totally free)!



Final Thoughts On Meditation

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No matter what stage of life, meditation can help you in so many ways.

Establishing a regular, quality practice allows you to quiet your mind, focus inward, and experience true peace, serenity, and personal growth.


Meditate Effectively In Just 12 Minutes A Day

Are you ready to completely bypass your subconscious mind and reap all the benefits of hours of meditation in just twelve minutes?

If so, you’ll be blown away by Zen12!

I was skeptical when my bestie showed it to me, but I’m so glad I tried it out.

It’s an audio program that basically does ALL the hard work for you!

You really can access the deepest meditative states while washing dishes, folding laundry, and even sleeping.

Try it out 100% free and watch the incredible transformation that takes place in your life.


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9 Tips To Boost Your Meditation Practice & Manifest Faster With The Law of Attraction