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6 Shocking Reasons Why Manifestation Isn’t Working

This is a blog post about why manifestation isn’t working out for you.

We’ll talk about the main reasons you can’t seem to manifest with the law of attraction and discuss some ways you can fix it.

Manifesting and the law of attraction can help you increase the positive flow of energy into your daily life.

Lots of people have had wild success creating even their wildest dreams, and you can too!

But sometimes the manifestation process doesn’t go as planned.

You can work on manifestation every day and still not quite create this amazing life everybody talks about.

Here are six reasons why manifesting isn’t working for you, and what to do about it.

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1- You’re blocked from manifesting

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First, your manifestation could not be coming because you’re blocked from manifesting!

Before you even start working with the law of attraction, I encourage you to do a quick checkup on your energy and alignment to make sure you’re on the right track.

The reason for this is that if you’re out of alignment or have fallen off track, you’re 100% wasting your time.

You can NOT manifest if you have blockages in your way! 

The fastest, easiest way to find out if you’re truly in alignment with your life path is with a free numerology reading! 

This report is 100% free, and is personalized to you based on your birthdate.

Download your free report now, make sure you are in perfect alignment, and you’ll manifest so fast you’ll think it’s magic!


2- Intentions aren’t clear

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The second reason manifesting isn’t working for you is because you don’t know what you want.

You can’t want something that you don’t know what it is, so this is a big problem.

The first step to solving any problem is being able to recognize there’s a problem.

You might not even realize that the issue exists or you might think, “I think I know what I want but there are probably multiple things I’m interested in so I’ll just come up with a bunch of intentions and see which ones work.”

This would be a mistake and would get you nowhere.

Be very clear about what you want.

Don’t just want “to manifest more money.”

Want to manifest $500.

Don’t just want “Brad to pay more attention to me.”

Manifest Brad asking you out on a date!

Clarity with your intentions will take you so much farther when manifesting your desires.


3- Asking for too many things at once

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The third reason manifesting isn’t working for you is that you are asking for too many things at once.

You might be asking, “I want to start my own business.”

This is a seemingly reasonable goal, but you may think about other things missing in your life.

You’d like new friends, a new car, a new house, a windfall of quick cash, a new boyfriend, and a trip overseas.

All these things are cool to manifest and you can have them all!

But, work on one at a time.

It’ll be less confusing for you and for the universe.

One at a time will go much faster.


4- Not taking inspired action

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The next reason manifesting isn’t working for you is because you are not taking inspired action to manifest your dream life.

You can do all the manifestation techniques.

You can ask the universe for a thousand bucks, but it will not give it to you if you don’t take action on your request.

If you want something, you have to still put in as much effort as you can to go get it.

Manifesting sometimes does work magically and you’ll get a windfall of quick cash (like the time I won $7,000 on a slot machine!)

But much of the time manifesting softens other people and situations to bend to your desires.

You still have to try!

So many people make the mistake of doing the energetic work, then sit at home and wonder where results are.

You’ve still got to go out and get them!


5- You have work to do

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The next reason manifesting isn’t working for you is because you have work to do.

You ARE going to manifest all the things you want, but not until you make space for it.

If you’re tired of your crappy job and want to manifest a new, higher-paying career.

Consider the credentials or experience you need for that new career.

If you need a professional degree or certificate to qualify for a position at that new job, the Universe won’t be able to bypass your training or qualifications.

You’ll still need to do the work to create space for the universe to deliver.

Now, if you do decide you want this career, you can manifest ease with each step along the way!

You could manifest ease with finding the perfect program, funding for the program, you can manifest good grades, you can manifest a speedy process, then you can manifest job interview success.

But you can’t bypass the real work that needs doing.

Some people get that wrong — I don’t want that to be you!


6- Limiting beliefs

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The last reason manifesting isn’t working for you is that you have limiting beliefs.

You may feel like you can’t or shouldn’t have your manifestation, and that is blocking you from receiving it.

But this is just your subconscious asking you to look deeper at what’s going on in your life.

The reason why manifesting isn’t working for you is because there’s something else going on that requires your attention.

For example, you might be unhappy at work and your lack of success there could make you think you’re not good at anything right now.

So when you go to manifest a new romantic partner, that negative energy and belief “I’m not worthy or valuable” seeps in and causes issues with your manifestation.

The best thing to do in this case is to examine any negative, limiting beliefs, and work on replacing them with more positive, productive thoughts.

You can do this by reciting positive affirmations anytime you recognize any negative thoughts intrude your mind.


Final Thoughts

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of reasons why your manifestation isn’t working.

Give one or more of these solutions a try and I know you’ll start to manifest much quicker and easier than you ever imagined.

The first step is to identify any blockages so you can clear them.

Download your free report now.



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