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How To Manifest Someone To Leave You Alone (Shoe Spell)

Is someone bothering you or harassing you and you just want them to leave you alone? Here is a quick & easy shoe spell that will banish them from your life fast!

A word of caution first…

If someone is stalking you or threatening violence and you feel afraid for your life, make sure you notify the authorities.

You don’t want to rely only on magic if your life is truly in danger.

Otherwise, here’s how to do the magick shoe banishing ritual to manifest someone to leave you alone.


How To Do The Shoe Spell

cute girl blocking sun from her eyes manifesting someone leave alone

All you have to do is write the name of the person you want to leave you alone and put it inside your left shoe.

As you walk and stomp on them all day, you are activating the power of the universe to “stomp” them out of your life!

There are a few tips and tricks that I have for this to make it work.


1- Tape or laminate the paper

You might want to tape or laminate the paper because, throughout the days, the friction and sweat from walking around on it all day can destroy the paper.


2- Add other details about the person

If you have them, you can add other details about the person such as their birthdate before you put it into your shoe. I’ve found this to make it more effective, but you don’t have to do it if you don’t have it.


3- Add a drop of manifestation oil

You can also add a drop or two of manifestation oil to the paper to enhance the power of your spell.

Fiery Wall of Protection is an excellent option and I’ve had good results with this one so I do recommend it.


4- Make multiple copies

Since you probably don’t wear the same shoes all the time and for every occasion, make a few different copies of the paper and keep the same one in the same shoe.

So you might have one that you tape inside your gym shoes, one inside your work shoes, one taped onto your flip flops or whatever you wear around the house.

That way your bases are covered and you’ll have no shoe without the spell working.


5- Tape it face-down

Finally, if for some reason you’re worried about someone seeing a name and birthdate on the inside of your shoe if you take your shoes off, make sure you tape it face-down inside your shoe.

That way it looks like it’s just a label or something random you put there.

If you have tennis shoes you could also use insoles and put the paper underneath the insole – that way it won’t be damaged at all or seen by others!

(This is my favorite method especially knowing I get to work out and run fast and hard and stomp all over whoever I want gone!)


How long does the shoe spell take to work?

big o method manifestation

The shoe banishment spell, much like many others, can work fast, slow, or not at all depending on your approach and the strength of your intention.

If you use manifestation oil, have a strong connection to the universe, and are consistent with doing it all the time, you might never hear from the person again from the time you first tape their name into your shoe!

If you don’t use the oil, don’t have a good connection to universal energy, or are inconsistent with how often you use the paper, it could still work but it might take longer.

Then, if you’re completely oblivious to manifestation and/or don’t really believe this can work for you – it won’t!


powerful manifestation methods


So, if you want the best chance of this working right away you have three tasks to complete.

First, you must make sure you have a strong connection to the universe, and the best way to do that quick & for free is to get your numerology reading done.

It will tell you right away if there are any obstacles in your path and sort of “turn on” your manifestation potential.

Then, you should consider what shoes you’re going to be wearing for the next week or so, write out as many copies of the paper you’ll need, dab manifestation oil on each one, and tape them inside your shoes.

Finally, you need to know, believe and accept that “it is done!”

There is no room for doubt or lack of faith because you WILL manifest failure if that’s what you EXPECT to manifest.

Wear your shoes, stomp all over the loser who is bugging you, and watch them vanish from your life like magic!

Good luck and I hope you get great results.




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How To Manifest Someone To Leave You Alone (Shoe Spell To Banish Someone, Love Manifestation)