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How To Manifest A Specific Person (5 Ways!)

If you’ve been struggling with how to manifest a specific person into your life, you’re probably going through a range of emotions.

It’s likely you’ve tried other methods that haven’t worked.

Maybe you’ve been rejected so strongly that you feel hopeless.

Or you may even feel like it’s pointless anyway and that true love with your perfect partner isn’t coming your way anytime soon.

If so, I for one am here to tell you that you’re not alone and there is still hope!

When everything else has failed, the Universe can help you manifest your SP into your life, in just the way you desire.

And the good news is that it’s not even all that hard to do!

I’m going to give you five manifestation techniques that will help you manifest your perfect person.

Read through them all and decide which is the best fit for you and your situation.

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1- Subliminal meditation for a specific person

loving couple cuddling outside after she manifested her specific person

The first (and honestly the easiest) way to manifest your dream partner is to put the whole process on autopilot, by using subliminal meditations!

Subliminals are so effective because they bypass your left (intellectual) brain, and speak right to your subconscious.

When you listen to one of these mp3s before bedtime, or when you’re in a relaxed state (such as when waking up in the morning), they make it easy for the universe to send you all kinds of great things!

I’ve manifested TONS of money, a 30-pound weight loss, and yes – even my ex-fiance who cheated on me with my friend at the time – all with subliminals.

Isn’t that wild?

The best thing about it (at least for me) is that it takes the least effort on your part.

In fact, the less input you have the better.

Most other manifestation methods will have you doing stuff and actually working to get what you want.

But not subliminals!

I’m a huge fan of using them because it’s a direct line to connecting with the Universe and bringing you your desire.

And that means your specific person can come running to you without you having to burn out or do anything else on your manifestation journey!

And the best news is if you want to get started with subliminals for manifesting your specific person, you can start today, right now, for FREE, with the “Master The Law of Attraction” subliminal.

It will give you the flexibility to attract any type of connection with your specific person that you want!

All in just a few minutes a day!

Download your FREE subliminal mp3 now and take the shortcut to manifesting your SP into your life.

You (and your new partner) will be so happy that you did!


2- Rose quartz crystal for a specific person

Another easy way to manifest your specific person is with a rose quartz crystal!

I absolutely love this because it’s a natural stone that you can wear, carry around in your pocket, or even just set on your bedside table.

Rose quartz is good for attracting love and so it’s the perfect stone to use if you’ve been struggling to get your specific person to notice you, or even just communicate with you!

I’ll share how I benefited from using rose quartz during my SP manifestation process…

When I first started dating my fiance, he broke up with me and we didn’t talk for nearly a month.

I was so upset and I didn’t know what to do.

So I bought a rose quartz crystal and carried it around with me everywhere, including to school where we were still seeing each other every day on campus.

It helped tremendously because whenever he or one of his friends would even look at me, I felt the crystal pulling his attention to me, if that makes sense.

That’s what rose quartz does – it makes you feel good, which gets your SP to notice you, and then maybe fall in love with you too!

You can buy rose quartz crystal here on Amazon (it’s the one I used!)


3- Positive affirmations for a specific person

how to manifest your ex back overnight in 24

Affirmations are another great way to manifest your special person.

They’re not as intense as subliminals, but they’re still super effective because you’re training yourself to match a higher vibration energetic level.

And that’s what the law of attraction really all comes down to – training your thoughts and feelings about this person into something positive.

Affirmations can be tricky and sometimes they don’t work out as well as they could, but I wanted to give you a few tips for making them work better.

The first thing is to make sure that, when you’re thinking about your ideal person after doing an affirmation, you don’t think any negative thoughts at all.

Make sure they’re 100% positive.

I know this feels impossible because we’re programmed to have negative thoughts about everything – I know I am!

But that’s no way to create your dream life with your dream person!

There’s good news, however…

If you can retrain your brain into thinking more positive things then you’ll start noticing a difference in energy vibration of your manifesting your specific person.

Releasing all that negative energy will help you boost the power of visualization, heal your subconscious mind, and connect with your desired reality on a much deeper level.

And one more thing…

You need to make sure that you feel good before, during, and afterward when you’re doing the affirmations.

No room for negative vibes!

I like to start my day with them (and even throughout my days when I can) and then end them with gratitude for this person in my life or just thinking about how awesome it is that they even exist!

When you feel good, your vibration changes, and most likely so does theirs, which will make it more likely for them to notice you and want to get to know you.


beautiful couple getting married on the beach after manifesting ex back overnight in 24 hours.


Here are a few positive affirmations to get you started manifesting your SP:

1. I am open and ready to receive the love of my specific person.

2. I attract only positive energy and experiences with my specific person.

3. I am confident and happy in myself, which draws my specific person to me.

4. I appreciate all the wonderful things my specific person brings into my life.

5. I am grateful for the love we share and the connection between us.


4- Grabovoi codes for a specific person

A young couple of brides walking in the pine forest twin flame romance

This is another of my favorite soul mate manifestation tips that you might not have heard of before.

Grabovoi numbers are a series of specific numbers that contain metaphysical energy that can bring you literally anything you want!

They work extremely well for manifesting love and relationships, and I encourage you to learn more about them and see if they’re a good fit for you.

The best way to use Grabovoi numbers for a specific person would be to either write them on your wrists or chant them like a mantra while you meditate and visualize your SP coming to you how you want.

The best Grabovoi number for manifesting your specific person would probably be 986115.

Try working with it and see how you do!

(I bet you’ll have a successful manifestation straight away!)


5- Manifest a specific person on paper

happy couple married after manifesting someone to beg for you

Finally, we have the last piece of advice for manifesting a specific person manifesting your specific person just by using a pen and paper.

This is better known as either writing a letter to the universe, or simply, scripting!

All you do is write a letter describing in amazing detail about how you want your relationship with your specific person to be and how much you love them.

Then, fold the paper up and put it under your pillow.

Sleep with the letter under your pillow every night!

After that, just make sure you go about your days like normal and release the need to be desperate or in need of your SP’s love and affection.

Know that it is done and have confidence that your manifestation rituals are working!


Is it bad to manifest a specific person?

twin flame lovers hugging after getting married outside

No, it’s not bad to manifest a specific person as long as your heart is in the right place.

The opposite is actually true!

If your heart is in the right place and you come from a place of love and light, then you know that you have a lot of good things to offer this relationship.

You know that you will put your all into caring for this person and making their life beautiful and easy.

Can you imagine how good it will feel when you get the opportunity to show them all that you have to offer?

How could that be bad?


Tips for manifesting your SP

loving couple outside on a sundeck after manifesting someone specific

Now that you know five techniques for manifesting your specific person, I want to share three tips to help you make the most of them and get the best results:


1. Focus on knowing you are worthy

It’s important to know that you are worthy of the love and affection of your specific person because it will help erase any negative feelings or thoughts that may come up during the manifesting process.

When you’re feeling your worth and your self-confidence, your vibration becomes much higher, which makes it easier for this SP to recognize you and notice you!



happy couple cuddling outside after manifestation for love


2. Remember that the universe is on your side

If you’re feeling doubtful about this whole manifesting process, then try to remember that it isn’t working against you.

The universe only ever wants to help us because we are all connected as one.

Even if things don’t seem to be working at the moment, just know that you are being taken care of.


beautiful bohemian spiritual couple on a picnic date at the lake


3. Stay positive

As I said before, love is what attracts love and your specific person is attracted to people who feel good.

So, when you focus on negative thoughts about how it’s not working or doubts about manifesting this SP, you are moving towards a negative result.

Switch those thoughts to positivity and remember that this is an easy process as long as you can stay focused on what you want!

I hope these tips help you manifest your specific person sooner rather than later and that you get to enjoy the relationship of your dreams!


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