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100+ Powerful Law of Attraction Affirmations For Manifestation

It’s no secret that law of attraction affirmations can be extremely beneficial for manifesting what you want.

It might seem obvious how they work, but some people aren’t sure why they are necessary.

If you want to discover some of the best law of attraction affirmations, then look no further!

Here are some of the most powerful daily law of attraction affirmations to help you manifest your best life (and how to use them!)


Need help with your affirmations?

portrait of bohemian young woman among flowers after using law of attraction affirmations.

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How do I use positive affirmations?

Fashion Portrait of Beautiful Young Woman doing the 777 manifestation method

There are many ways to use positive affirmations, but here are three of my personal favorite:

1. If you have a specific goal that you want to achieve, write out an affirmation about it and read it 10 times every morning and night (or as often as possible).

2. Use them in connection with written manifestation exercises like the 777 method or the 123 technique.

3. Create visualizations of what you want to manifest and read the affirmations while doing so.

Here are some examples:

One of my favorite affirmation techniques is to imagine myself in various situations where I already have what I’m looking for (e.g., money, love, beauty…), feeling great about it, and doing well.

In these visualizations, I also envision all the wonderful things that I have because of having this already manifested in my life.

You might like to try this technique for yourself – it really works!


Law of attraction affirmations for money

rich woman manifesting money

If you want to use the law of attraction to manifest money, here are some of the most powerful affirmations that can help you out.

Make sure you use them in conjunction with the other techniques that I talked about!

  1. I am a money magnet, attracting all forms of wealth into my life.
  2. Money is flowing to me in every possible way.
  3. I always have enough money for everything I need and want.
  4. My perfectly harmonious life is filled with money.
  5. Each day, more and more money comes to me.
  6. I now have so much money that I feel abundant.
  7. I receive $350 every day, in multiple forms of income.
  8. The universe is showering me with abundance now.
  9. My bank account balance keeps rising higher and higher.
  10. It’s easy for me to make money; I now receive so much money every day.
  11. I open my mind and heart to receiving all the money I want and need.
  12. Money comes easily and effortlessly to me now.
  13. I am a magnet for money, attracting it from all possible sources.
  14. I am so thankful for all the money I receive every day.
  15. I now appreciate, enjoy, and love receiving the money that is continually flowing into my life.


Law of attraction affirmations for success

beautiulf bohemian woman on the beach

Here are some affirmations that you can use if you want to manifest success in your life.

  1. I am successful in everything I do.
  2. Every day, my business is thriving more and more.
  3. My goals are completely fulfilled now.
  4. I am overflowing with the energy of success at this very moment.
  5. Success flows easily into my life now.
  6. I am extremely successful at every endeavor.
  7. My business is an instant success!
  8. Every day, I succeed in getting closer to my goals.
  9. I open the door of opportunity for myself and receive help from unexpected sources.
  10. My thoughts are filled with positive ideas for achieving my goals right now.
  11. I am the success that I have always wanted.


Law of attraction affirmations for love

beautiful couple getting married on the beach after manifesting ex back overnight in 24 hours.

Here are some powerful affirmation techniques to use to manifest your perfect soul mate into your life.

These are perfect for manifesting new love as well as attracting your ex back if that’s what you want!

  1. My soulmate is coming toward me now, ready to be with me.
  2. My soulmate loves me unconditionally.
  3. I am so happy to be receiving love from my soulmate now.
  4. New love is flowing into my life now, bringing joy and happiness to me.
  5. It’s easy for me to find the perfect partner because I know what I want.
  6. Every day, even more love is coming into my life.
  7. My love for myself attracts the perfect soul mate to me.
  8. I am now ready to attract a new soulmate into my life.
  9. I now commit to being with an amazing, special person who truly loves me.


Law of attraction affirmations for health & fitness

Beautiful tanned woman in swimsuit is walking on tropical beach after using positive weight loss affirmations.

If you want to use the law of attraction to manifest better health and fitness, here are some powerful affirmations that you can use.

  1. I am a healthy, happy, and fit person who loves their body!
  2. My body is full of vitality at all times.
  3. Healthy food energizes me and makes me feel amazing!
  4. I now love and respect my body.
  5. My body is full of life, energy, and strength.
  6. The perfect workout plan comes easily to me right now.
  7. I always have enough energy for the things that I want to do.
  8. Every day, my fitness level increases as I become more active and fit.
  9. I am committed to eating healthy and taking care of my body.
  10. My body responds perfectly to physical activity; I love exercising every day!
  11. It’s easy for me to make time in my life for working out.
  12. Now is the perfect time for me to take amazing care of myself.
  13. I have more than enough energy to accomplish the things that I need to do.


Law of attraction affirmations for spiritual growth

spiritual woman in bohemian accessories

Here are a few positive law of attraction affirmations to help you with your spiritual journey.

You can manifest a deeper connection with the universe when you use these affirmations.

  1. I am always making my life better in every way.
  2. Every day, I grow more spiritually aware and connected with the world around me.
  3. My thoughts are filled with positive spiritual energy now.
  4. I welcome all the good things coming to me right now with open arms!
  5. I now have a spiritual connection with my higher self.
  6. My soul is being nourished by the universe every day.
  7. The best is yet to come as far as my spiritual journey goes!
  8. All doors are open for me now as I grow spiritually.
  9. I am totally committed to growing more and more in a spiritual sense.
  10. I am making a difference in the world by being more spiritual!


Positive affirmations for goal setting

manifest good grades

A huge part of manifestation is setting goals and achieving them. But sometimes you may need a little bit of a boost.

Here are some powerful goal-setting affirmations to help you get the manifestation process started.

  1. I am always setting goals that are realistic and achievable for me right now.
  2. My goals encourage positive change in my life.
  3. My goals are inspiring to me; I look forward to them every day!
  4. Thinking about my goals motivates and inspires me to always do my best.
  5. Each day, I make progress toward reaching my goals.
  6. I easily achieve my goals by taking inspired action each day!
  7. I am committed to setting and achieving goals that bring good into my life.
  8. I value all of the hard work that it takes to reach a goal
  9. I am setting goals for myself and achieving them every day!
  10. It’s easy to set goals and accomplish them quickly.
  11. Every goal I set is accomplished easily.
  12. My life is full of positive energy as I achieve my goals.
  13. Setting goals motivates me and helps me grow as a person.

Positive affirmations for a happier life

beautiful bohemian woman resting in a field with flowers surrounding her head doing the pillow method

Are you looking to manifest an overall happier, higher-quality life?

If so, then here are some great positive affirmations for you to try.

They can help you live a happier and more positive life.

  1. I am always finding ways to make my life better!
  2. My days go by effortlessly in a happy and fulfilling way.
  3. The universe responds perfectly to all of my desires in life.
  4. Every day, I am filled with more and more happiness as I achieve my goals.
  5. I love and accept myself for who I am; life is great!
  6. I always find the silver lining in circumstances.
  7. I find joy and happiness in my life every day!
  8. I am always surrounded by amazing people who love me.
  9. My relationships are thriving now; I am totally happy in my love life.
  10. The universe is responding perfectly to all of my desires right now.
  11. I feel good about myself, and the rest of the world follows suit!


LOA affirmations for career success

369 method for money

If you need inspiration and motivation to manifest a better, more fulfilling career, then try these affirmations.

They can help you feel inspired and hopeful about your career path.

  1. I am the perfect person to do the job that I want right now!
  2. My work is rewarding and brings me joy every day.
  3. I always put maximum effort into my work; it’s the best way to live!
  4. I am an inspiration to everyone who knows me and sees me at work.
  5. Nothing is holding me back from getting promoted right now.
  6. I feel good about my work and career; I love my job!
  7. I choose a fulfilling and rewarding career path that makes everyone see me as a winner.
  8. I always make sure to do the best work that I can, no matter what!
  9. My career is moving forward with ease right now.
  10. I am surrounded by amazing people who contribute to my success at work.
  11. I am able to move up through the ranks at work easily and effortlessly.
  12. I love the career path I’ve chosen and I am thrilled to grow more and more every day.


Daily affirmations for creative ideas

how to tell if someone is manifesting you

If you need some creative inspiration, then try starting a daily affirmation practice.

It can help to boost motivation and inspiration for your next big project.

Here are some of the best law of attraction affirmations to help you be your most creative self.

  1. I am always filled with great ideas that have real potential to succeed!
  2. Creativity is flowing out of me this very minute.
  3. My mind is always brimming with great ideas!
  4. It’s easy for me to use my creativity every day without resistance.
  5. I easily come up with brilliant new ideas that are perfect for my needs right now.
  6. I am always following my instincts, and they are always showing the way to success.
  7. My creative ideas are flowing out of me effortlessly every day!
  8. I am so happy with all of my creations; they bring much joy to others too!
  9. The universe is always giving me the perfect inspiration for my needs at this very moment.
  10. I am completely fulfilled in my life, which inspires me to create even more!
  11. The creative inspiration is flowing out of me right at this moment.
  12. I feel so fired up and full of life; my creativity has never been better.
  13. I love coming up with new ideas every day; it’s easy for me to motivate myself to do so.


Final thoughts

beautiful face shot of a brunette in nature

I hope you enjoyed these positive affirmations to manifest success, love, health, and spiritual growth into your life!

I’ve used them in the past to manifest some incredible things for myself, and I know that they will work for you as well.

Make sure you’re consistent in your efforts and you’ll see good things start to happen.

If you aren’t seeing results right away, make sure you remember to download your free numerology report!

It’ll help you identify any blockages that stand in your way which means you can clear them and start to receive the blessings the universe has for you!


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100+ Positive Law of Attraction Affirmations For Manifestation