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How To Use Bay Leaves For Manifestation (6 Magical Spells)

Did you know that you can use bay leaf manifestation spells to help you activate the law of attraction?

Bay leaf (laurel) is not only excellent for cooking with – this powerful herb also makes a great manifestation tool!

There is a reason why bay leaf magic has been around for centuries!

They have so many magical properties to help you activate the law of attraction for money, love, protection, banishing, and more!

Here are 6 quick and easy bay leaf manifestation ritual ideas for you to try today!


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What bay leaves to use for manifestation?

Of course, before you work with any of the bay leaf spells I’m about to show you, you’ll need to get your hands on the right bay leaves.

Now, sometimes you can use flaked or powdered bay leaf – depending on the spell.

But other times you’ll need huge bay leaves.

Large, whole ones.

The reason they need to be so big is that you’ll be writing your intentions or affirmations on the leaves, so you need to have space.

I recommend grabbing a bag of these from Amazon Prime.

In many cases, you’ll get them within a day or two – so no delays!


1- Rub a bay leaf between your fingers

beautiful girl kissed by the sun contemplating angel number 511.

The first way to activate the law of attraction using a bay leaf is to write your intention on the bay leaf, then rub it between your fingers.

The more you rub, the stronger your magick will be.

Repeat this process until you feel like it’s done and then dispose of the leaf in whatever way is best for you.

This works because you are putting your physical energy into the spell and that means it’s going to be much more powerful.


2- Put a bay leaf in your wallet

Beautiful lady in autumn landscape after scripting her dream life.

If you want to manifest money with a bay leaf, a quick little bay leaf spell is to write a positive money affirmation on it and then store it in your wallet or purse along with your other money.

This will help you activate the law of attraction by keeping the energies of the Universe close!

You can do this with any money affirmation.

But here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • I am incredibly wealthy.
  • I’m making more money than ever before.
  • Money flows to me in unexpected ways all the time!


3- Try the pillow method with a bay leaf

attractive bohemian style woman lying on the sand 777.

If you want to manifest love with a specific person, you can write your name and birthdate alongside your SP’s name and birthdate on a bay leaf.

Then, store the bay leaf underneath your pillow or mattress at night.

This is a great way to bring your intentions into being quickly!

For an added boost, you can use a picture of your SP as well and that will help things move along even better.


4- Use bay leaves for protection

wild woman holding feathers over her body scan.

Use bay leaves to protect your home by putting them under your doormat outside your door if you have one.

Or, if you don’t have a doormat outside, you can put them under the nearest item either inside or outside of your home.

For example, if you have a potted plant inside your home, you can store it under there.

Simply set the intention and write an affirmation about your home being protected from any negative energies and then place the bay leaf under there.

This is a great way to protect yourself from anyone who might want nothing but harm for you!


5- Create a bay leaf charm bag

boho woman with white flowers in her head standing next to a barn she manifested with scripting.

A bay leaf charm bag is a great way to use the energy of these leaves.

Imagine what it is that you want then add things that represent that desire.

For example, if you love to travel and want to manifest more travel into your life, you might include a plane ticket, a small map or toy globe, and other items that represent travel.

If you want to manifest love, you might add rose quartz crystal, rose petals, or a picture of your specific person to the bag.

Don’t forget to write your positive intention or positive affirmation on the bay leaf though!

Once you have everything you want (and the bay leaves), tie it up with a ribbon and carry it around on your person or place it under your pillow while you sleep.

This is one of my favorite ways to bring positive energy into my life at all times.

This is an incredibly powerful way to get what you want!


6- Burn bay leaves

boho woman with white flowers in her head standing next to a barn she manifested with scripting.

Next, you can simply crush up your bay leaves, put them in a small cauldron or pot, and burn them.

Just make sure you have a fireproof container!

This is especially effective for banishing rituals during a full moon.

Write what you want to release on the bay leaves before you crush and burn them, and set the intention that as the moon shrinks from full to new, so does the negativity.

How long for bay leaf manifestation results?

Beautiful young boho style woman outdoors. Spiritual concept. 55x5 method.

A bay leaf spell can take as little as a few days and up to several weeks, depending on how strong your intention is.

Remember that the stronger you set the intention, the faster it will manifest!


How do I know if my bay leaves are working?

boho woman at the beach looking over her shoulder into nature contemplating the meaning of angel number 141.

You’ll most commonly start to receive signs from the universe that your bay leaf manifestation ritual is working.

The most common signs you’ll receive are angel numbers – repeating number sequences that tell you the status of your manifestation.

Keep your eyes open for these numbers because they’ll guide you along the way.


What must I do if my bay leaves are not working?

beautiful young stylish woman with stylish boho accessories thinking of angel number 123.

Bay leaf manifestation isn’t an exact science so it’s normal for things to go wrong sometimes.

If this happens, simply adjust your intentions and set the intention again.

Also, make sure you are following the above steps correctly!

If things still aren’t working for you after another round or two of manifestation attempts, you might consider trying a different manifestation ritual.

Different rituals and techniques work better or worse for different people.

So it may just take some time to learn what works best for you!


Final thoughts

Attractive wild boho woman close up portrait working with angel numbers.

Bay leaves are incredibly helpful when it comes to manifesting what you want in life.

As long as they’re in your home, purse, or wallet (or even in that cauldron!) then the law of attraction is already working for you!

The more work you put into these spells and intentions with bay leaves, the faster things will come into being.

So, have fun with it!

And if you need to manifest even faster, don’t forget to get your free numerology reading!

You’ll want to do it sooner than later because the more information and connection you have with the universe the faster things will come into being.


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