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How To Manifest Your Ex Back With Crystals

Did you know that you can manifest your ex back with crystals? Yep, it’s true!

Crystals are some of the fastest, easiest ways to manifest anything – including getting your ex to come back to you.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you what crystal will help you manifest your ex back and give you a few ideas for how to use it.

That way, you can get started on manifesting your ex back today!

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The secret to manifesting your ex back fast

how to manifest ex back loa

Most people dive right into the law of attraction thinking they can “wish” or “will” their ex back into their life.

They see spells online that seem quick and fun, hear success stories about other people making it work for them, so they get started and then womp womp – it falls flat!


Because they have NO direction, NO plan, and NO idea what they’re doing!

The truth is, manifesting your ex back isn’t about wishing, hoping, or “willing” it to happen.

None of those things can truly release negative energies and heal your broken heart.

It’s about KNOWING what you want and being able to bring that into reality in the most efficient way possible using science-backed methods!

And this is where many people fail… they look at the surface-level stuff that’s all shiny and cute but don’t understand the underlying reason why the law of attraction helps them manifest their ideal romantic relationships in the first place!

And that’s where this little book comes in…

The Get Your Ex Back handbook is the guide you need and is the secret tool that will help you understand how and why your ex will come back as soon as overnight!

Once you understand the how and why (not just on a metaphysical level, but also on a science-based, psychological level too – this is important!), you’ll be all set for success!

You’ll start to view your situation in a more positive light.

Furthermore, you’ll avoid the trap of just messing things up again straight away when your ex does come back!

You’d be so surprised by how easy it is to get your ex back and then you go and say something to push them out again.

It happens, and it’s so sad to see!

Don’t do that to yourself, babe!

Don’t skip steps, make your ex come thisclose to coming back but never actually manifest, take months of waiting only to see pics of his honeymoon with some new girl, or almost worse… get him back and then drop the ball because you don’t understand what to do!

Everything you need to know to manifest your ex back – and keep him – is right here in this 92-page book!

(You can read it in an evening curled up on your couch with a glass of wine!)

It’ll save you so much time and heartache.

Once you understand everything in this handy-dandy guide, it’ll all make sense.

The tips I’m about to share with you in the rest of this article complement the guide so well, but they won’t tell you the whole story.

So, get your copy of the book now.

Then read on for more detail about how to use crystals to enhance your manifestation.

Because they WILL come, and you’ll want to be ready!

Get yours now.


Manifest your ex back with rose quartz crystal

When it comes to manifesting an ex-back, rose quartz crystal should be your go-to stone of choice.

Rose quartz is so powerful for manifesting lost love because it helps you send and receive love again.

You can use this stone on its own, or paired with other stones like yellow jasper to help you feel more confident, clear up your heart chakra and release any fear surrounding your ex coming back.

If you’re using it for returning an ex, rose quartz is great because it also helps to rekindle the feelings of love that you once shared.


How to use:

best crystals for manifesting money

You can carry rose quartz with you, place it around your home or wear it as a necklace or bracelet.

If you’re using it for manifesting an ex back, hold the stone in your hand and visualize yourself and your ex coming together in love and happiness.

You might also like to listen to subliminal affirmations about you and your ex getting back together while you meditate with the crystal.

And for an added boost, you can use the crystal with the pillow method.


Rose quartz + pillow method for an ex back

beautiful bohemian woman resting in a field with flowers surrounding her head doing the pillow method

The pillow method is an easy manifestation ritual that works amazing for manifesting your ex back.

The most common way to use it is to pick a small, easy action that you want to manifest from your ex.

You don’t want to pick something too big or too vague like getting back together.

Pick something small that will start the process of manifesting your ex back.

So for the pillow method to work, you’ll pick a positive affirmation representing your desire.

Then, you’ll write it on a slip of paper.

Put the paper under your pillow at night for eight nights.

And wait!

I recommend you start with something like “So excited my ex has asked me to meet up!”

Then, you use your rose quartz crystal by placing both the crystal and the affirmation under your pillow at night.

And voila!

You will get your desire soon!


How do you manifest your ex coming back?

happy couple together after using the love magnet spell

You manifest your ex coming back by sending out love and positive energy to them.

But you also have to work on your mindset and limiting beliefs.

Rose quartz crystals can help you manifest your ex back because it helps with both of these areas!

Really, it’s that easy!

But you have to do the work.


How long does it take to manifest your ex?

bohemian couple together on the beach after using love crystals to manifest soul mate

It can take as few as a couple days or as long as years – it all depends on the effort you put into it but most importantly how you view the situation.

If you’re putting all of your focus and energy into wanting them back, and you believe that they are the only person for you, then it won’t take as long.

But if you’re still harboring resentment or anger, it’ll take a lot longer.

The best way to speed up the process is to use manifestation methods combined with crystals to manifest your ex back.


How do you know manifestation is working?

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You know manifestation is working when you start to see signs and symbols letting you know things are in motion.

For example, you might start to see angel numbers that support your manifestation, or your ex might actually just call you out of the blue!

You could also start to intuitively feel that things are shifting (though it can take some time to get aligned to the right frequency to sense this vibrational energy.)


Do exes come back after years?

twin flame lovers hugging after getting married outside

Yes, exes can come back even after years apart when you use the law of attraction, manifestation, and crystals to get your ex back!

That’s one of the best parts about working with universal energy.

There are very few limitations.

Time is no issue with the divine.

The sooner you start working towards your dream, the better.


Manifest your ex back with crystals

how to manifest love with a specific person LOA

So, are you ready to start manifesting your ex back with crystals?

If so, make sure you know exactly what you want and that you’re mentally and emotionally ready to receive them back into your life.

Then, get yourself a rose quartz crystal and start using the pillow method to manifest your ex back!

I hope this article has helped you understand how to manifest your ex back with crystals.

I can’t wait for you to experience all the love and joy you deserve.


P.S. Oh and by the way, don’t forget to get your hands on the book I told you about! It’s going to tell you everything you need to know, step-by-step, how to manifest your ex back in record speed (and that means your crystals will work SO much better!)


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