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How To Manifest Your Ex Back With The Law of Attraction

You might be wondering if it’s possible to manifest your ex back with the law of attraction.

I am here to say “absolutely!”

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I Had Success Manifesting My Ex Back

manifest ex boyfriend law of attraction

After my ex-fiance cheated on me with my best friend, I must say I was in a bad place for a long time.

I’m ashamed to admit it now, but I still loved him so much. I wanted the fairy-tale wedding we were planning, and I was willing to forgive him.

I dove head-first into the law of attraction to try to manifest him back.

And you know what? It WORKED!

I will say that the relationship fizzled out pretty quickly after he came back, but that was on my part.

A side-effect of using the law of attraction is that it can help you gain self-confidence and self-worth — which I did!

So, he came running back to me, groveling, begging to marry me, buying me gifts, crying about starting a family.

But I’m the one who pulled the plug on both my ex-best friend AND my ex-fiance. I wanted BETTER!

And now I’ve got a new guy, much better friends, and am living the life of my dreams!

But enough of my happy ending.

I’m here today to show you that if you really want to manifest your ex back with the LOA, you can absolutely do it!

Whether you want to stay with your ex after you manifest them back or decide to go a different direction, here are the steps you need to know.

4 Steps To Manifest Your Ex Back

how to manifest love with a specific person LOA

1- Start With The Secrets In This Book

The first thing you need to do before you do ANYTHING else is to learn these manifesting secrets!

You see, you need to lock into the deep, psychological needs that men need.

It’s like a hot-button that ignites an irresistible force inside them and attracts them to you.

But it’s not simple enough to share in one blog post.

There is an exact process of steps you need to follow. (If you don’t do it right, it won’t work.)

And you need it to do it exactly this way because you need to get him to “seek” you out. You can’t be the one initiating things.

In my case, I was floundering about trying to get my ex to repent for screwing me over. I wanted him to want me back so badly!

But until I discovered the secret trick to manifest him wanting me and desiring me, all hope was lost.

I truly believe starting here is what made my ex come running back the strongest, while the other manifesting techniques I worked on in the background helped to reinforce other elements!

So yes, step 1 is to ignite that burning desire inside him. Once you know the perfect and exact steps to get him to feel pulled toward you, you can then move on to the other steps! They’ll work so much faster and better!


2- Daily Positive Affirmations For Love

manifest ex boyfriend law of attraction

Once you’ve set the wheels in motion for getting your ex to want you back, it’s time to start working on daily positive affirmations.

It’s important that you do these every single day, multiple times per day.

You’ll need to do two kinds of affirmations.

One set to affirm the loving relationship you want back with your ex.

And another set to affirm the love you have for yourself!

Do not skip either set! 

You don’t have to overthink this either.

Repeat or write these affirmations a few times in the morning and just before bed at night.


You can create your own affirmations but here are a few ideas: 

  • I am in a loving, healthy relationship with (insert your ex’s name).
  • (Your ex) asked me to marry him and we are happily, joyfully in love.
  • I am worthy of unconditional love, respect, and admiration.
  • I deserve to be treated with respect, honor, and appreciation.


3- Visualize Your Relationship With Your Ex

manifest love with a specific person

Once you start doing daily affirmations, in about a week you should start to feel really good! 

Your positivity and love for yourself should boost your energy and your faith that they will come back.

And I think all the positive energy also has an effect on your ex, too!

I started to notice that the better I felt about myself and the process of manifesting my ex back, the more he started to come around.

It was like a feedback loop that reinforced itself.

The better I felt, the more he wanted a piece of me!

The same can happen for you too!

Once these things start happening, you need to visualize what you want every single day.

The reason for this is that the transformation happens so fast and since you have strong emotions for them, it’s easy to get carried away.

If you’re not focused and lack clarity on what YOU want, it’s easy to let THEM control the narrative and outcome.

Visualize every single day what YOU want the outcome to be.

Keep in mind it’s okay if this changes over time. Things will be moving fast.

I know, for example, my ex wanted to move back in with me around the second week (SO FAST!)

Without visualizing what I really wanted every single day, I may have let that happen prematurely. (You may WANT your ex to want to move in with you, so your reaction might be different.)

But the point still stands.

Visualize every single day what your dream goal or life is with your ex because you WILL get even more than you asked for once you do this if you’re not careful!



4- Express Gratitude

how to manifest ex back loa

Finally, you need to make sure you are pretty much always in a space of gratitude during the process of manifesting your ex back.

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations you can have (next to love.)

But honestly, even though I was so heartbroken by what my ex did to me, the journey of manifesting him back was such a deep process.

I learned a lot about myself, about love, about the energy of the universe.

About psychological power, about self-confidence.

I mean, he came back so fast and that was a lot of fun too!

But it’s so important to take time each day to reflect on all the good things that are happening during your manifestation process.

The universe rewards you so much more in so many ways when you express gratitude!

I think without gratitude my ex would still have come back. But I do NOT think he would have come back in such a selfless way.

He really came back promising the world. He re-proposed. He did all the things I’d have wanted him to do and was 100% perfect!

That would not have happened without the extra infusion of gratitude, I don’t think.

Because sometimes they can come back but still treat you wrong.

Who wants that?!

I know you don’t!

So yeah, make sure the whole step of the way you express gratitude. Reflect on the process.

It happens fast. You WILL get what you want.

Prepare for it!


Extra Tips To Manifest Your Ex Back

How To Manifest Your Ex Back With The Law of Attraction