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How To Use Grabovoi Numbers For Manifestation (Cheat Codes List)

A while back I was on TikTok and I saw a manifesting technique called Grabovoi numbers, also known as “cheat codes to the Universe”.

I was super-intrigued by it because I’d heard of something similar before – but not exactly the same.

I mean, I know manifesting with angel numbers and numerology is a thing.

And I’ve had tons of experience there.

But this Grabovoi thing was totally new and different.

So, of course, I tried it!

Today I want to talk all about Grabovoi numbers, how to use them, give you the best codes that I’ve personally used to get actual results, and share some tips to make them work better for you!


What are Grabovoi codes?

beautiful girl in jean shorts with arms raised on a beach vacation she manifested with grabovoi codes

Grabovoi Numbers are special cheat code numbers that “program” the universe with your intention through a specific number sequence which will then manifest in multiple ways into your life.


Why do Grabovoi numbers & codes work?

sensual boho woman in white dress sitting on flower field after bay leaf manifestation rituals.

Grabovoi numbers use the same principle as radionics – which is that like attracts like.

The number sequence you choose creates a “radionic signature” (a type of code) for yourself which then works to attract similar experiences into your life!

You can pick any intention you want and manifest it into your real life by using a Grabovoi number.

There are tons of ways to use Grabovoi codes and I’m going to tell you all about my favorite ways.

Of course, some work better than others for different people, so you might have a bit of trial and error with it to find what works best for you.


What can you manifest with Grabovoi numbers?

beautiful girl kissed by the sun contemplating angel number 511.

Grabovoi numbers can be used to attract things like money, love, good grades in school, weight loss & much more!

I’ve personally had tremendous success using Grabovoi codes when I want something bad enough.


My best Grabovoi code success story

attractive bohemian style woman lying on the sand 777.

One of my best Grabovoi success stories is that I was going to Vegas with my girls and I wanted to win some money.

So, I used Grabovoi code 318 612 518 714 for lots of easy money just before the trip.

I memorized it and kind of repeated it to myself like a mantra the whole way there, every time I went to wash my hands (I made this a habit), and also just anytime I was walking around.

Long story short, it was sooooo crazy because the VERY FIRST slot machine I tried like as soon as we got there, I won the biggest jackpot I’d ever had!

I went from 0 dollars to over $5000 bucks JUST LIKE THAT!

And that was just the beginning.

I was able to use that $5,000 the whole trip and continue to earn even more (without even touching the funds I’d set aside for the vacation in the first place!)

SO, needless to say, Grabovoi numbers worked for me then, they’ve worked for me in multiple ways since then, and I know they can work for you too!


One thing that helps with Grabovoi numbers

wild woman holding feathers over her body scan.

So I had immediate success with Grabovoi numbers and I know you can too, but I do want to be honest about something else I did (and still check and analyze even more…)

It’s that not just with Grabovoi numbers but with every manifestation exercise, I didn’t start to get super strong results (like $5,000 on my very first slot pull) until I got my numerology reading.

Listen… I’m a naturally curious person, but also skeptical at times, if that makes sense?

So I hear about something new and it does take me hearing about it a few times before I go for it.

So I heard about the numerology reading and at first, I was so busy so I was like “meh”, but then I finally got mine done and when I did…


I was manifesting so-so before, right?

Like let’s say I wanted to manifest money.

I’d do a ritual and then in like about a month, I’d get some money.

That was cool and I mean, it’s still just easy, free money right?

But after my numerology reading, it was like the whole world opened up to me.

I started manifesting crazy money in a few days – sometimes overnight.

I was manifesting texts fast, my hair grew longer, I lost weight…

Like my life just started to transform!

And it’s free!

Like, seriously, I felt so silly for wasting time being all weird about it when all I had to do was get a free reading and all these blessings from the Universe started raining down on me.

I don’t want you to waste your time and delay your results by making the same mistakes, babe!

I want you to fast-track your success with Grabovoi numbers and everything else so you can start winning big like I finally did, now.

All you have to do (before using Grabovoi numbers – not after) is get your free numerology reading.

(Make sure you actually pay attention to the advice – it’s important!)

Then see how fast all your dreams can come true!

You’ll love it – promise!

Get yours now.

How to use Grabovoi codes in your everyday life

Beautiful young boho style woman outdoors. Spiritual concept. 55x5 method.

Like I said earlier, there are so many ways to use Grabovoi numbers for manifesting.

I’ll tell you my top three that I use all the time.

They’re quick and easy and you can get started right away!


1- Add Grabovoi codes to your writing manifestations

The first way I use Grabovoi numbers to manifest is by adding them as a code number at the end of my writing.

(This works best if you’re doing scripting or the 55×5 method or something similar.)

Just add your Grabovoi code somewhere on the paper and you’ll be all set!


beautiful young stylish woman with stylish boho accessories thinking of angel number 123.


2- Repeat them as mantras or affirmations

The next way I use Grabovoi numbers is by repeating them over and over again as mantras or affirmations.

(This works best for things like attracting love, money, etc.)

Just repeat the code number out loud several times to yourself, or whisper if you can’t say it out loud.

This is the main way I manifested all that money in Vegas.

I did it almost obsessively, but it worked!


spiritual woman in the forest burning sage


3- Write Grabovoi codes on a bay leaf

The last way I use Grabovoi numbers is by writing the Grabovoi code on a bay leaf, and burning it.

Mostly I’ll write a positive affirmation, “seal” it with a Grabovoi code, crumble it down, then burn it in a fireproof container.

Sometimes I’ll even put the bay leaf ashes out in my potted plant.

This works really well for manifesting and growing your money.

So that’s it!

There are other ways you can use them but I only share the stuff that has really worked for me in the past.

I don’t want you to waste your time doing stuff that may not really work out for you, y’know?


Grabovoi codes for healing

law of attraction easy tips

You can use Grabovoi codes for physically healing your body from many ailments.

Here are some of the most common Grabovoi codes for healing.

  • Grabovoi code for general health & well-being: 7694044
  • Grabovoi code for stomach ache: 681 158 363
  • Grabovoi code for migraine: 4818543
  • Grabovoi code for exhaustion: 293 194 62
  • Grabovoi code for back pain: 6925481
  • Grabovoi code for cold symptoms: 57 26 141


Grabovoi codes for college & good grades

manifest good grades

Next, here are common codes for manifesting good grades, doing well in college or grad school, passing tests, and getting into college or university.

  • Grabovoi code for good grades: 267 191 86
  • Grabovoi code for passing tests: 272 194 80
  • Grabovoi code for getting into college or university: 67193216
  • Grabovoi code for text anxiety: 297 143 69
  • Grabovoi code for studying: 379 161 94


Grabovoi codes to attract love & relationships

A young couple of brides walking in the pine forest twin flame romance

Of course, you can use Grabovoi numbers in your relationship life.

Here are some of the most common Grabovoi codes used when attracting a lover or partner.

  • Grabovoi Code For Love – 888 412 1289018
  • Grabovoi Code To Attract A Relationship – 197 023
  • Grabovoi Code For Self-Acceptance – 396815
  • Grabovoi Code For Long-Lasting Romance – 888 912 818848
  • Grabovoi Code To Get Your Ex Back  – 89974476 or 18080818
  • Grabovoi Code For Romance – 401543512
  • Grabovoi Code To Manifest A Text – 99462271


Grabovoi codes for money

rich woman manifesting money

Next, let’s talk about money, and how you can use Grabovoi numbers to bring more into your life.

Here are the most common Grabovoi codes that attract abundance.

  • Grabovoi Numbers For Unexpected Money – 520 741 8
  • Grabovoi Numbers For Long-term Income – 9213140
  • Grabovoi Numbers For Lots of Money – 318 612 518 714
  • Grabovoi Numbers For Money Knowledge – 964986583
  • Grabovoi Numbers For Your Dream Job – 493151 864 1491

Grabovoi codes for success in life

two young beautiful girls in turban on the beach at sunset friends.

  • Grabovoi codes for success – 178026330
  • Grabovoi codes for beauty – 4394851
  • Grabovoi codes for your crush – 9158023
  • Grabovoi codes for new friends – 722 80 400
  • Grabovoi codes for fame – 8277237
  • Grabovoi codes to be popular – 582 56 684
  • Grabovoi codes for travel – 79459262
  • Grabovoi codes for weight loss – 87316


Can you use Grabovoi codes for someone else?

two girls smiling and laughing in a field after manifesting friend back

Yes, you can use Grabovoi codes for other people.

As long as it’s positive and meant with good intentions, it’s possible to manifest just about anything into the physical realm!

This is especially effective if you want to heal your child, partner, friend, or family member.


How can you tell Grabovoi numbers are working?

Beautiful lady in autumn landscape after scripting her dream life.

You can tell your Grabovoi numbers are working when you start to see positive changes in your life.

It could be that you start to feel better, or notice improvements with the symptoms of an illness, for example.

Depending on what you’re manifesting, you might start to see actual improvements.

Like when you’re manifesting money, you could start to find money on the ground.

Or if you’re manifesting your SP, they might like your posts on social media before reaching out.

Everything counts!


Free Grabovoi Codes PDF List

How To Use Magic Grabovoi Numbers For Manifestation (Cheat Codes)

I put together this quick & easy list of the best Grabovoi codes I talked about here.

Feel free to download it as a PDF or save it to your Pinterest board if you want to just have this list on your phone for quick reference.



Final thoughts

happy couple married after manifesting someone to beg for you

Alright, babe, this article is long enough and I think I’ve covered everything you need to know!

I hope you’ve learned some fantastic new ways to use Grabovoi numbers, and I cannot wait for you all to try them out.

Oh, and don’t forget to get your numerology chart done!

It’s so important because without it you can manifest a little, but why waste your time when you can have everything?

Until next time!


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