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6 Best Crystals For Manifesting Good Grades At University

Did you know that you can use healing crystals to manifest good grades? If not, know you know, and this post will show you how!

Not only will I share five of the best crystals to help you achieve better grades, but I will also give you tips on how to use them effectively so that your studying is faster, easier, and more effective!


Let’s go!

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1- Citrine

Instead of downing cup after cup of coffee, or slamming soft drinks and energy drinks in hopes of finding the motivation to study, why not try a piece of Citrine crystal?

Citrine is an excellent stone for motivation.

If you’re feeling sluggish, tired, or down about your schoolwork, Citrine can help to give you a boost of energy so that you are able to successfully study and achieve the results that you want!

If it’s been too long since your last study session… don’t worry!

Citrine will clear out any bad energy (i.e. negative thoughts) that are keeping you from studying properly, allowing you to focus all of your energy on achieving the grades that you want!

Fun fact:  Citrine was one of my absolute favorite crystals to use for grad school! It always helped me to feel energized and motivated so that I could get through those long sessions.

Try citrine crystal today!


2- Honey Calcite

If you’ve had bad experiences before with studying all night long and still failing exams, or even if this is your second time taking the same class and you have low self-confidence, then honey calcite is the stone for you.

With honey calcite, you’ll feel immediately calm and relaxed about your studies, no matter how badly you thought that they were going before.

You’ll be able to study more efficiently and effectively, with a clearer mind and no feeling of dread (or anger, frustration, etc.) because you know that everything will be okay!

Honey Calcite is a stone for positive energy and good luck.

If you’re unlucky or don’t believe in yourself, you can use it to increase your luck and self-confidence.

You’ll notice right away how different studying with honey calcite makes you feel!


3- Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is an excellent stone that I recommend everyone have on hand, regardless of the purpose.

This is because quartz is easy to get, affordable, and has a neutral energy.

That means you can program it to manifest anything you want – including good grades!

If you don’t have access to any of the other recommended stones or just need help in a pinch, use clear quartz.

The best way to use clear quartz (since it’s so neutral) is to think about what you want most, and then ask the stone to help you with that.

One time I was completely fed up and did this and immediately felt better about my studies.

That’s how powerful quartz is!


4- Tiger Eye

Tiger’s Eye is the most powerful stone for you when you feel extremely intimidated by something in your path.

It’s great for huge projects that are extremely overwhelming – like a Master’s thesis or a dissertation.

If you have to present new and unique ideas in challenging ways, you absolutely need the healing and magical properties of Tiger Eye.

If you have to stand in front of your classmates, for example, and you’re shy – this is the stone that you want to have on your person.

Tiger’s Eye will give you a huge dose of courage, allowing you to come out of your shell and do magnificent things.

This stone’s energy is more of a masculine one – it will make you strong and powerful, but not in an aggressive way!

It’s perfect for powerful, boss women.

Keep it on your person and you’ll have no problem stepping into your greatness and personal power in school.


5- Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is one of the stones that you can use if it’s a little bit too late otherwise.

Generally, you want to use crystals while you’re studying or before you have problems.

But sometimes you need a little boost of good luck, positivity, faith, and confidence after you’ve studied (or missed your studies!)

Green Aventurine is an excellent choice for this situation because of its green color.

Green Aventurine is the most powerful stone for manifesting good news, especially when you need it ASAP!

The best way to use a green aventurine crystal for this purpose is to set your intention and then just carry it with you into your exam room, or use it just before you hit “submit” if you are using digital delivery of a project.

You might manifest miracles with this, like extra credit, a slight grading curve, or even certain delays which could give you more time to put together your project or study a bit longer.


6- Obsidian

If you’ve got bad nerves before taking exams or if you feel anxious, scattered, and unfocused in class, you need Obsidian.

Obsidian is a crystal for protection.

It has the natural power to ground you when you are in deep states of stress or highly-emotional places.

When your emotions are all over the place, you can’t think clearly and have a hard time explaining even the simplest of ideas.

Obsidian will help calm your nerves so that you’re able to answer in a non-threatening way.

Another thing is if you’re having social issues on campus or in your life that are making you feel intimidated or lacking confidence, then obsidian will help absorb and block negative energy and return it to the sender.

Keep obsidian on hand if you’re feeling really down on yourself.

It’s also great for helping you focus when you’re in a state of nervousness or tight anxiety.

You can use it to protect your mental energy and integrity.


How to use crystals for good grades

manifest good grades

Now that you have your list of the best crystals to use to manifest good grades, here are three simple ways to use them:


1. Carry them around with you

best crystals for manifesting money

Find a crystal that is associated with what you want to do or feel, and keep it in your pocket or bag during the time when you are studying (or even before you study).

You can also hold it in your hand to help calm nerves if you’re waiting for an exam – this is a great idea to use if you have written tests or presentations.

In this way, the crystal will absorb your thoughts and feelings and increase the quality of its own energy.


2. Use crystals for good grades while you study

boho girl studying in a field to manifest good grades

Use crystals that are associated with what you want to do or feel, and place them in your hands, on your desk, or on your lap while you study.

You might also want to strategically place crystals around your room if you’re trying to study for an exam in a specific area, like the kitchen table or bedroom floor.

Put them in places where you normally sit or walk while studying so that they can continuously absorb your thoughts and feelings as well as send any positive energy of their own to support you.


3. Put crystals under your pillow

beautiful bohemian woman resting in a field with flowers surrounding her head doing the pillow method

If you struggle with falling asleep and want some help calming your nerves, using crystals for good grades can come in handy.

Place them under your pillow to release their energy as you sleep.

This is a very simple way to use crystals that helps promote better rest and sounder sleep without needing too much planning on the part of the user.

If you have a test the next day and are experiencing anxiety and insomnia, not only will your charged crystal work overnight, but placing it under your pillow can help you sleep (which will help you manifest better grades!)


Final thoughts

Hippie Musician Songwriter Writing Concept manifestation journal.

Using crystals for good grades is a great way to support your studying and provide the added benefit of instilling positive energy.

You can keep a crystal with you, strategically place them around certain areas, or put them under your pillow at night!

Just make sure that you use crystals that are associated with what you want to do or feel, and their natural power will increase 100-fold!

Thanks for reading this article on How To Manifest Good Grades with Crystals.

Feel free to explore some my our other articles about crystals and manifesting!

Good luck!


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