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7 Amazing Crystals To Manifest Good Health

If you’ve yet to try using crystals for good health you’re missing out on something great! In this blog post, we’re going to cover some of the best crystals that can help you achieve amazing results in your life!
Ready? Let’s go!


1. Clear Quartz: Amplifies Positive Energy

Clear quartz is a powerful crystal that has long been used to manifest and promote good health.

Its ability to amplify positive energy makes it ideal for those looking to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

In fact, clear quartz has been known to reduce stress, enhance relaxation, and even boost the immune system!

One of clear quartz’s most important effects is its ability to attract and store energy.

This type of crystal is an excellent tool for people who want to increase the amount of positive energy in their lives.

The stored energy can then be redirected towards improving one’s health in both physical and mental aspects.

It can help with healing from illness or injury, as well as improving physical performance, emotional stability, and overall mental clarity.

I like to use clear quartz when I’m feeling a little low-energy and rundown.

It always helps lift me up!

Try some for yourself and see how it goes 🙂


2. Aventurine: Heals & Balances Energies

Aventurine is the perfect crystal for healing and balancing your energy.

Its calming green color holds a unique vibration that helps you find inner peace, while its gentle energies help bring balance to your life.

It’s also said to be a luck stone – helping manifest abundance into every aspect of your life!

Using Aventurine brings clarity and focus when you need it most.

Place it near you while working or meditating – this will keep distractions at bay and ensure that you stay in the zone.

I personally like to set an intention before using any crystal, so with Aventurine I’ll say “I call upon this crystal to heal my energy and bring me back into alignment”.

This simple practice has helped me tremendously on my journey of self-discovery!


3. Tigers Eye: Health Promotion

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful healing crystal that helps promote good health. As an energy stimulant, it can energize the body, reduce stress levels and heighten mental clarity.

I have personally used Tiger’s Eye to help me during times of stress or fatigue and have noticed a great difference in my overall well-being.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, I often set an intention with Tiger’s Eye to help bring balance and clarity back into my life.

This crystal helps me stay focused and motivated while I am working on projects or studying for exams.

It also has a calming effect on my mind, allowing me to relax more deeply and become more aware of how my body feels throughout the day.

In addition to its emotional benefits, Tiger’s Eye can also be used to protect against physical ailments like headaches and colds.

Its energetic properties help strengthen immunity, support healthy digestion and improve circulation. I find that when I use Tiger’s Eye regularly, I experience fewer bouts of illness throughout the year.

Overall, Tiger’s Eye is a wonderful crystal for promoting holistic health for both the body and mind.

It has helped me cope with difficult situations in life with greater ease and resilience, as well as improved my physical health over time.

Whether you use it for emotional support or physical protection, this stone is sure to bring many positive benefits into your life!


4. Rose Quartz: Heals Heartache

Rose Quartz is a beautiful crystal that has healing properties when it comes to emotional wellbeing. It’s often referred to as the “Love Stone” for its ability to heal heartache and promote feelings of love, peace, and compassion.

For many people, Rose Quartz helps lessen the pain of a broken heart by restoring feelings of comfort and understanding.

I personally have found Rose Quartz to be incredibly helpful in dealing with difficult emotions such as sadness and grief.

I often hold this crystal close to my chest whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, as it provides an anchor to slow down, take some deep breaths, and find some inner calm.

The energy of Rose Quartz also helps me stay connected to my most loving thoughts, letting me recognize all the positive things in life despite any temporary setbacks I may experience.

Rose Quartz can also help balance out overly aggressive energies that can cause stress-related illnesses like fatigue or insomnia.

By opening up our heart chakra and allowing us to connect with unconditional love within ourselves, we can find greater clarity and acceptance within our lives.

This leads us to make better decisions which ultimately lead us towards healthier lifestyles with stronger physical health.

I’ve seen firsthand how having positive relationships with those around me, especially with loved ones, can improve my overall health and wellbeing significantly—and Rose Quartz has been an invaluable tool in helping me get there!


5. Amethyst: Mental Health & Wellness

Amethyst has been my go-to crystal for mental health and wellness. Not only does its beautiful, calming purple hue promote feelings of tranquility, but it is also believed to possess powerful healing properties that can help clear away negative energy and provide relief from stress and anxiety.

I’ve experienced first-hand how amethyst can help bring clarity to my thoughts and aid me in making better decisions. It is believed to be a strong source of spiritual insight, helping improve intuition, self-discovery and inner peace.

Amethyst has also been credited with providing a sense of balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. I find that when I take time to meditate with an amethyst crystal nearby, I feel calmer and much more centered—it almost feels like the stone is cleansing my mind of any chaotic thoughts or worries.

When it comes to boosting mental well-being, amethyst is also known to be helpful for depression and insomnia relief due to its energetic vibrations which aid in creating a natural tranquilizer effect on the mind.

Additionally, it’s believed to have many psychological benefits as well including improved focus, increased creativity, enhanced wisdom, and greater understanding.

With regular use of an amethyst crystal I’ve noticed a positive shift in my thinking patterns; allowing me to approach situations from a place of clarity rather than feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions.

Overall I’m continuously amazed at how powerful this beautiful crystal can be!

Whether you’re looking for emotional support or just some extra motivation in life – amethyst is certainly worth adding to your daily routine as part of your overall mental health practice.


6. Carnelian: Sexual Health & Vitality


Carnelian is a powerful crystal that has been used for centuries to enhance libido and sexual health. It is believed that the stone’s energy can help with physical and emotional issues related to sexuality, such as low sex drive or lack of confidence in the bedroom.

Carnelian also helps promote self-love, which can be beneficial for people who have trouble connecting with their own bodies in an intimate way.

By bringing its vibrant orange hue into your life, carnelian can help you feel more connected to your sensual side and increase your overall feelings of pleasure and satisfaction during moments of intimacy.

I have always been drawn to Carnelian’s passionate, vibrant energy, and how it can help bring a renewed sense of vitality to your sex life.

Whenever I use this stone in my own practice, I like to connect with its powerful energies that promote emotional balance, physical strength, and self-love. With its beautiful orange hue, Carnelian is the perfect crystal for anyone seeking an increased flow of energy in the bedroom.

Carnelian has the ability to awaken your deepest desires and foster feelings of confidence when engaging in sexual activities.

Its invigorating energy can give you renewed enthusiasm for exploring new levels of pleasure and intimacy.

It also helps open up conversations about sex and encourages honest communication between partners. By bringing more openness into the bedroom, Carnelian can help create a deeper connection between lovers.

You can also use this if you want to manifest love too – so it’s a big win-win!


7. Citrine : Confidence For Healing

Last but not least, Citrine is a great crystal if you’re going through a health issue and are feeling unsure about your outcome.

I can’t say that this crystal itself will heal you, but so much about healing is mental (not just physical).

In some cases, feeling more stressed out or doubtful as to whether your treatments will work can keep them from working.

Therefore, if you have a more positive outlook, you can sometimes get better results than if you were doubtful.

So, Citrine has such an uplifting vibe that can help you feel brighter, more positive, and more optimistic about your health situation.

And this can indirectly lead you to have better outcomes with your treatments.

You can place the Citrine near you or wear it as a pendant to gain that bright and light-filled energy for yourself.

If you’re looking for a crystal that is all about healing, then Citrine just might be the one for you!


Final Thoughts

I hope this article has shed some light on the amazing, healing properties of crystals!

Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, stress, or any other ailment, they can create an atmosphere of healing energy that can truly be life-changing.

Oh, and while crystals are excellent additions to your health and well-being regimen, don’t forget to check with your healthcare provider before for medical treatments as well.

Throw everything you can at your health and you’ll be on the right side of it!

In the meantime, enjoy the power of crystals and their amazing ability to bring balance, harmony, and peace into your life.

Take some time each day to sit with your favorite crystal and bask in its healing energy.

You may be surprised at how much better you feel!


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