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7 Amazing Crystals To Manifest Fertility

If you’ve yet to try using crystals for fertility you’re missing out on something great! In this blog post we’re going to cover some of the best crystals that can help you achieve amazing results in your life!
Ready? Let’s go!


Rose Quartz: Boosting Fertility Energy

The first crystal we’ll talk about is Rose Quartz.

This pink crystal has been used for thousands of years to encourage fertility and love.

It’s a stone of unconditional love, which makes it the perfect choice for those who are trying to conceive a baby or create more love in their lives.

It helps balance hormones, boost circulation, and increase libido, all of which can help when it comes to conceiving.

Rose Quartz also helps keep away negative energies and replace them with positive ones.

It encourages self-love, strengthens the bond between partners, and increases the chances of conception.

So if you’re trying to conceive, keep some rose quartz close by to increase your chances and to add positive energy to your life!


Moonstone: Enhancing Hormonal Balance

You deserve to feel balanced and take care of your body!

Moonstone is a powerful crystal that can help with balancing hormones, especially during times when your menstrual cycle is causing distress.

It helps you to connect with the divine feminine energy within, helping you to nurture yourself and those around you.

Using moonstone for its hormonal balance benefits is easy – just carry it with you throughout the day! You can also wear it in jewelry form so that it’s constantly surrounding you with its healing energies.

When I’m feeling out of sync in my cycle, I like to sit quietly and meditate while holding my moonstone in my hands – this really helps me tap into its calming vibrations and re-align myself.

Alternatively, try placing a piece of moonstone on your belly before going to sleep as a way of connecting deeply with yourself – allowing the crystal’s lunar vibes to do their thing as you drift off peacefully into dreamland!

Bonus points for doing this during a new moon.

Set the intention to manifest a baby, and as the moon grows – so will your chances of conception 🙂


Carnelian: Increasing Passion and Desire

If you’re looking to bring some passion and desire into your life, Carnelian is the perfect crystal for you!

This vibrant red-orange stone increases energy, motivation, courage and enthusiasm.

It ignites an inner fire that will help increase confidence in all areas of life. Hold it during meditation or set it beside your bed at night – both are great ways to use this crystal for its intended purpose.

This crystal will obviously help you during lovemaking.

And since it boosts your libido, it will keep you in the mood to make a baby for longer!

It’s really a great crystal to have in your arsenal if you’re serious about the entire process of conception, including desire!


Aventurine: Balancing Reproductive Systems

Aventurine is a wonderful crystal for those looking to balance their reproductive systems.

Its deep green hue contains the power of Earth energy, helping one to ground and center into body awareness.

It helps clear blockages in the lower chakras and assists with releasing emotions that can be trapped within the womb or other reproductive organs.

This crystal encourages fertility and healthy conception, as well as helps regulate menstrual cycles.

One way to use this stone is by placing it directly on your belly during meditation (or even just laying down).

You can also sleep with it under your pillow or hold it while taking some slow, mindful breaths.

I personally like using aventurine when connecting with my ancestral lineage – visualizing myself surrounded by all of their love and support from beyond – which has helped me feel more relaxed in my femininity over time!

The aspect of this crystal that helps you connect to your lineage will help you manifest new family members to grow your family tree.

Connecting with your ancestors and getting their blessing and guidance can be incredibly empowering and cathartic.

It’s also been known to help open up energetic pathways so that your body can receive the love and healing energy it needs during times of emotional difficulty or physical pain.

So take a moment to connect with your lineage and boost your fertility through the ages with this beautiful crystal!


Clear Quartz: Amplifying Intention Setting

You have found yourself drawn to Clear Quartz, and there is a reason why!

This crystal is the perfect tool for amplifying your intention-setting practice. It helps to focus energy and create an energetic field of support around you as you set intentions in your life.

When using clear quartz during an intention-setting session, it works best if combined with other crystals like rose quartz or citrine that represent love and abundance respectively.

Together, they amplify your intention tenfold and this means you can manifest your little bundle of joy so much faster!

With clarity, focus, and positivity as your allies, you will be on the path to achieving your desires in no time.

So don’t wait – get yours now and experience the power of these ancient gems!


Amethyst: Clearing Negative Energies

Amethyst crystals are an excellent choice if you’re looking to clear negative energies and replace them with positive vibrations.

Amethyst is filled with protective energy, making it a powerful tool for sending away any dark forces that may be lingering in your mental environment.

I totally understand how it is, babe…

If you’ve been struggling with manifesting a baby for so long and it seems like everyone in your friend circle is inviting you to baby showers left and right, it can really bring you down.

Amethyst has such strong healing properties that can help you achieve emotional balance and mental clarity.

To use amethyst to cleanse yourself of negative energy, simply keep one nearby while meditating or carrying out spiritual rituals.

You can also place the crystal on your body as part of a Reiki session – I personally like to place mine on my third eye chakra when working through difficult emotions!

Alternatively, try using an amethyst wand to sweep around the room and clear away stagnation.

Finally, sleeping with one under your pillow can help bring about restful sleep by clearing any edgy vibes in the bedroom – this works particularly well if you’ve had anxiety at night about what the future holds (like if you fear you’ll never manifest a baby.)

I know you will.

Never give up on your dream, okay?


Lapis Lazuli : Reducing Stress Levels

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal that can help you reduce stress levels and anxiety associated with conception.

It has been used for centuries to bring calming energy into your life, allowing you to take life one day at a time.

This crystal encourages patience and clarity of thought, allowing us to identify our thoughts and feelings before responding in kind.

I know how it is when you’re hoping your period won’t come and then it shows month after month.

It can make you insane.

To help with that,  simply carry it with you or place it on your desk where you can see it often throughout the day.

I promise it will help calm you down.

And that’s exactly what you need because you’re going to have such a harder time manifesting a baby if you’re high-strung and stressed out.

It’s such an awful Catch-22 isn’t it?

You get so stressed because you aren’t conceiving, which makes it harder to conceive.

I totally feel your pain, so I want you to know that you’re not alone and these crystals really can help you!


Final Thoughts

Overall, remember that you are strong and capable.

You have the capacity to bring a beautiful baby into this world and modify your lifestyle to make it happen.

Take it one day at a time and don’t forget to take some time for yourself, too!

The best thing you can do is remain patient, stay positive, and remember that with faith, guidance, and the right tools, anything is possible.

Crystals are a wonderful addition to your fertility journey and can help you manifest the pregnancy you have been dreaming of.

Try one or more of these powerful options and you will be on your way to holding that beautiful bundle of joy in your arms.

With so much love,



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