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7 Amazing Crystals To Manifest Creativity

If you’ve yet to try using crystals for creativity, you’re missing out on something great! In this blog post, we’re going to cover some of the best crystals that can help you achieve incredible results in your life!
Ready? Let’s go!


1. Amethyst


Amethyst is the first crystal you should consider if you need a boost of creativity.

It’s especially useful if you work in a creative profession, if you’re an artist, musician or designer, or if you simply need a spark of inspiration to get started.

Amethyst is known for its ability to open the mind to new possibilities and ideas, helping you come up with unique solutions that might have been beyond reach before.

It’s also said to help increase focus and clarity so that you can stay on track during creative projects.

When I first started out with my own creativity practice, I felt lost and overwhelmed at where to begin – but having an amethyst on my desk provided me with a gentle reminder that anything was possible if I just opened myself up to the process.

Not only did it remind me of the potential available through embracing my creative side, but I also felt calmer and more relaxed whenever I looked at or held it in my hand during difficult moments when motivation seemed far away.

If you’re feeling stuck creatively or are looking for ways to spark some originality within yourself, then try incorporating Amethyst into your life!

It will bring clarity of mind as well as inspiration!


2. Rose Quartz: Creativity Through Love

This beautiful crystal is known as the “Love Stone” because its vibrations are said to open up the heart chakra, which can lead to increased creativity inspired by love, compassion and joy.

I personally have found that holding or gazing at a piece of rose quartz during moments of difficulty has allowed me to find new paths forward in my work while also calming my nerves.

Incorporating Rose Quartz into your daily life could be a great way to access its power and unleash hidden creativity!

One piece of advice that you may not know is to also meditate with Rose Quartz.

Envision your creative energies surrounding the stone and then feel the energy radiating from within it.

Allow yourself to become one with its power and let your creativity come alive!

With practice, you can find that a piece of Rose Quartz can be an invaluable source of inspiration for any project you’re working on.

Try it today and see how much more lovely everything you touch becomes!


3. Fluorite: Creativity & Imagination

Fluorite is considered a “mental cleanser” that helps eliminate confusion and mental blocks which can inhibit imaginative thinking.

It allows you to examine complex issues from multiple angles while keeping thoughts organized and focused on finding new solutions to problems or generating new ideas altogether.

One thing that I love about fluorite is that it always helps me to stay relaxed and open-minded while solving difficult challenges.

Combined with the power of visualization, fluorite can be a powerful tool to help you manifest your most ambitious ideas into reality!

So don’t forget to add some Fluorite to your creative arsenal today and start making great things happen!


4. Citrine

This sunny yellow crystal is known as the “Success Stone” because it radiates brightness and positivity that stimulates creativity at a higher level than other stones.

Its light energy encourages expressiveness for verbal communication of creative ideas as well as confidence in their execution thanks to its ability to attract abundance and wealth into your life!

This bright stone is associated with the manipura or solar plexus chakra, meaning it carries the power to manifest your intentions from thought into action. So don’t forget to add some Citrine to your creative toolbox and watch as you bring your ideas to life!

I love using citrine while outdoors, because it always reminds me of the Sun.

I’ll go outside on a sunny day, hold citrine in my hand, soak up the sun’s rays and envision all that beautiful energy going through my body, through my hand, and into the crystal!

Then, I’ll program the crystal with the intention to bring me so many creative ideas… and it works every time!

So then in the future if I’m feeling gloomy and creatively blocked, I can just hold that same citrine stone and boom – ideas aplenty!

Try this practice for yourself and witness the power of Citrine!

It’s a great way to connect your thoughts and intentions with the energy of the Sun, and manifest all that you desire.


5. Sodalite

This blue crystal works on both the physical level (balancing hormones) as well as the mental (stimulating intuition).

Sodalite enhances problem-solving skills while staying grounded while doing so, allowing your mind to explore different possibilities without becoming overwhelmed by them all at once; hence boosting creativity!

I love sodalite because even though it’s one of the less-popular crystals, it’s incredibly powerful and helpful!

Try engaging with sodalite before or during a creative session to see the wonders it can bring.

Whether you hold it in your hand, keep it next to your work station or simply visualize its energy around you – you won’t regret giving this crystal a try.


6. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an incredible crystal that can help unleash creativity! As someone who loves to draw and write, I find it especially helpful when I’m feeling stuck.

When I hold lapis lazuli in my hands or keep it close by while working on a creative project, I’ve found that the energetic power of this stone helps open up my mind to new perspectives and ideas.

Not only do these ideas come faster than before but they are also more unique and innovative as well!

If you’re struggling with a creative block or simply want to bring something fresh into your projects then try using lapis lazuli.

Whether you have physical pieces of the stone or just visualize its energy around yourself, the effects will be sure to surprise you – in a good way!

It doesn’t matter if it’s writing, drawing or even cooking; from my experience, lapis lazuli has helped me stay grounded yet feel inspired at the same time so why not give it a try?

You won’t regret taking part in this magical journey of creativity.


7. Tiger’s Eye

Last but not least Tiger’s Eye has been regarded throughout history for its ability to assist in manifesting what we desire out of life – including creative projects!

It combines earthy grounding energies with airy mental stimulation resulting in a perfect balance between stability & ambition needed for success in any creative venture one wishes to pursue!

I’ve used Tiger’s Eye when I feel I need a ‘push’ in the right direction, or just to stay focused on my goals.

For example, I remember one time when I was feeling overwhelmed with a project I was working on, but after wearing my Tiger’s Eye bracelet for just a few minutes, I felt more relaxed and driven to finish the task.

And I wound up getting a huge boost of creativity in the middle of the project, and I wound up crushing it!

What’s even better is that it comes in different colors from golden yellow to deep brown, so you can find the one perfect for your creative energy!

Don’t you just love when there are so many options to choose from? Then you can pick the one that resonates with you most and it feels so personal, right?

Check out Tiger’s Eye if you can get your hands on one and see how it does!


Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the best crystals for creativity and that I’ve shown you some clear examples of how they can help you!

If you follow these tips and use the right crystals, you can unlock a world of creativity and use it to your advantage. So get out there, explore, and see what works for you!

Good luck!


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