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7 Amazing Crystals For Communication

If you’ve been having problems communicating, then you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’re going to cover the best crystals for communication, so that you can get better results in your life.
Ready? Let’s go!


Aquamarine – Enhancing Communication

First, aquamarine is a beautiful, healing blue crystal that can help you open up your throat chakra and improve communication.

It works by sending you calm, soothing energy to relax you and help you release any anxiety you may have when you need to express yourself clearly.

The thing about aquamarine is that it is a very subtle stone.

You may not feel the results right away because it’s that gentle!

But it’s working silently and quietly, healing you and helping you gain the soft confidence you need to get what you want out of any conversation.

I’ve used this during difficult family conversations with my parents.

(I have a bit dodgy relationship with my mom, so I get really stressed out when I have to talk to her sometimes.)

It always helps me calm down, gather my thoughts, and express them clearly and without escalating (even if she does.)

So I recommend if you go through something similar try to keep this stone on you.

You might even want to hold it in your hand while talking to difficult people.

That’s how I get the most out of mine!


Celestite – Clarity In Communication

Celestite is an amazing crystal for encouraging clarity.

It helps you to remember what your intuition and spirit are telling you, especially when making decisions that could be difficult or confusing.

This crystal works with the higher chakras – the mental plane, so it’s perfect for getting clear on areas of confusion in your life.

I love using Celestite when I’m feeling stuck and need help clarifying my thoughts.

By holding it in my hand and focusing on a certain thought or situation, I can feel more centered within myself and gain objectivity about whatever is going on.

It also helps me to connect with Spirit – something that has been immensely helpful for gaining insight into challenging situations!

You may want to try meditating with this crystal by placing it over your third eye or simply having it close by while you focus inwardly on what truly matters most to you.

This will help you manifest your goals and create the life you desire.


Fluorite – Focus For Communication


Fluorite is a fantastic crystal to help you stay focused on your goals and centered in the present moment.

It helps break through mental blocks, clears away distractions, and encourages clarity of thought.

You can use it to bring balance to chaotic energy or unorganized thoughts.

And this will help you communicate more clearly and effectively.

Because, after all, the first step to communicating well is knowing what you’re trying to say!

One way you can work with Fluorite is by carrying it around with you throughout the day, particularly when you’re feeling frazzled or like you don’t know what direction you want to take.

Place the crystal in your pocket and take a few moments during breaks to hold it in your hands while visualizing yourself achieving whatever goal you are focusing on.

This will create a powerful shift in your mindset that will carry over into all other areas of your life!


Lepidolite – Resolving Conflict


You need a crystal that’s going to help you resolve conflict, and Lepidolite is a perfect choice!

This calming stone has been used for centuries to bring peace and understanding during communication.

It helps remove negative energy from your environment and replace it with harmony.

Plus, it encourages patience when dealing with difficult situations so you can find solutions without lashing out.

When it comes to using this crystal, I recommend carrying one in your pocket or wearing one on a necklace during times of tension.

The vibrations will help ground you and keep things calm even if emotions start running high.

You can also place Lepidolite near areas where there is trouble – like the living room or bedroom – as an extra layer of protection against negative energy.

I used to work in a somewhat toxic workplace.

(Well, actually, there was this one coworker who just didn’t like me, and I don’t know why!)

Anyway, I would keep lepidolite on my desk, and I noticed when we’d talk in my office, things would go so smoothly.

But if I ran into her outside of my office, she was super snarky and weirdo with me.

So I started wearing lepidolite on my body, and it pretty much knocked out her wacky communication altogether!

I think it’s so cool when you run little “experiments” with crystals and then you can see the proof right there!


Malachite – Promoting Understanding

You’ll love how Malachite can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships.

It’s perfect for bringing clarity to chaotic emotions, allowing you to make sense of the feelings that may be overwhelming you.

This crystal helps bring light into dark places and is especially useful for those struggling with healing past hurts – it encourages honest self-reflection, which will aid in releasing any blocks or negative patterns that have been holding you back.

To utilize its energy, try meditating with this stone by placing it on your heart chakra while focusing on what needs to be released and forgiven in order to move forward in life.

You can also keep Malachite nearby when having difficult conversations or writing letters, as it will allow you to express yourself more honestly while staying grounded and compassionate towards others’ perspectives.

I personally find this crystal helpful during conflict resolution, helping me remain open-minded even when my emotions feel like they’re getting out of control!


Selenite – Connecting with Divine Wisdom


Selenite is the perfect crystal to help you tap into your inner wisdom and connect with divine guidance.

It has a high vibration that encourages spiritual growth, helps clear away negative energy, and brings clarity of thought.

This makes it ideal for opening up your intuition, so you can receive clear messages from the Universe so that you can communicate from a space of alignment, truth, and power.

To use Selenite for connecting with Divine Wisdom, start by setting an intention – such as “I am open to receiving divine guidance.”

Hold Selenite in both hands while focusing on this intention, and become aware of any thoughts or feelings that arise during this process.

I have personally found journaling incredibly helpful when working with selenite; writing down my insights after each meditation session has allowed me to track my progress and gain deeper insight into what the messages are trying to tell me!

Then, I find I’m able to communicate my thoughts more clearly.

They come from my gut – my soul – and it’s so powerful!


Turquoise – Opening the Throat Chakra


Turquoise is a beautiful crystal that can help open up the throat chakra and make it easier to express yourself.

It brings clarity of thought so you can be confident more confident in your communication.

Turquoise gives off a gentle energy that helps you tap into your inner wisdom and find the ability to share it with others.

You’ll feel more connected to your true self as well as those around you!

To use turquoise for opening up the throat chakra, hold it in one hand while meditating or place it on your throat during savasana at the end of your yoga practice.

I personally keep turquoise near my bedside table and have felt much less anxious when communicating with friends since starting this practice!


Final Thoughts

While there are many ways to manifest clarity of communication into your life, using crystals is one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective methods you can try!
You can find crystals almost anywhere, keep them anywhere, and they’re beautiful to boot!
I hope you enjoyed learning which crystals are best for your situation, and that they bring you everything you need to live a happy, abundant life!
Good luck, and happy manifesting!


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