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How To Attract Money With Cinnamon And Coarse Salt (6 Spells)

This article will teach you the most amazing money manifestation rituals ever – how to attract money with cinnamon and coarse salt!

If you want to know the best-kept manifestation secret to attract money, you’ve found it, babe.

Read on to discover some of the BEST cinnamon and coarse salt rituals to help you manifest so much money you’ll think it’s magic.


Don’t try cinnamon manifestation rituals without THIS…

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This article will show you the easiest cinnamon manifestation rituals to increase your flow of money tenfold.

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Why use cinnamon and salt for money?

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Using cinnamon and salt in financial spells is effective because cinnamon has the energy of money manifesting all around it, while salt represents prosperity.

Cinnamon and coarse salt are such powerful minerals and herbs that they will work for anyone, even if they do not believe in the magic of manifestation spoken about here.

These are great money rituals to try if you need some extra cash quickly and don’t have time to wait around for longer manifestation rituals and spells to pan out.

So read on to learn the best simple cinnamon spells ever!


1- Putting Cinnamon on Money

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The first simple cinnamon ritual you can try is to put cinnamon on top of your money to attract more money into your life.

This is a quick ritual that takes just 10 minutes and works by infusing cash with cinnamon energy.


Steps to do this are as follows:

-On a piece of paper write, “Money I thank you for coming my way” three times.

(This implies gratitude for the money manifesting in your life)

-Fold up the note and put it to the side

-Get a piece of paper money (the higher the bill the better)

-Put a dash of cinnamon on top of the bill, then put the note you wrote on top of the cinnamon.

-Fold them together and put them in your wallet with your other money


2- Washing hands with cinnamon and salt

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The next easy ritual you can try is simply by washing your hands with cinnamon and coarse salt.

All you do is put cinnamon and salt on your hands and then rub your hands together and wash your hands with the mixture.

This ritual cleans away negative energy from your aura that may be blocking money from manifesting into your life, cleansing the space to allow positive energy to come through instead.

This is a simple cinnamon spell that only takes a few minutes to do, and if done once a week (preferably on Thursdays), you’ll receive a hassle-free cash infusion.


3- Cinnamon boil ritual

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Another simple cinnamon money ritual is this: simply boil a pot of water and add a few cinnamon sticks to the mixture to create a cinnamon boil.

The aroma will infuse your space with cinnamon’s financial stimulating energy and the cinnamon sticks will bring you more financial luck.

After boiling cinnamon, let it cool off and throw in some coarse salt to increase its effectiveness.

Throw the cinnamon boil away when all of its energy has been depleted.

Then fire up a new cinnamon pot for your next money spell whenever you are ready for more!


4- Cinnamon money spell oil

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Another simple but effective cinnamon money spell oil is this: take any carrier oil (such as olive oil) and add in cinnamon powder to it, stopping when your desired consistency is reached.

This powerful homemade concoction can be used for anything from adding an “extra kick” to spells to ritually blessing cash to make it grow in size, power and influence in your life.

This cinnamon money spell lasts for up to a week, and can be reused more than once if desired.


5- Cinnamon and salt money jar

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Create a cinnamon and salt money jar by filling a glass jar with cinnamon sticks, coarse salt, and some coins.

Every day, add money to the jar, visualizing your intentions for getting more cash into your life.

Then call upon your angels or the universe for assistance in manifesting large amounts of money quickly.

You can keep doing this daily until you feel like you have enough cash to stop adding money: then sit back and watch as it spreads wealth all around you effortlessly!

The cinnamon will enhance the energy of moving money fast, while the salt represents prosperity and attracts money on its own power.

This is an easy quick cinnamon spell that can bring good luck with unexpected amounts of extra cash.


6- Blowing cinnamon for prosperity

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On the first Sunday of every month, try blowing cinnamon to manifest money!

This one is SO easy.

All you do is stand in your doorway facing inward, sprinkle some cinnamon and coarse salt in your hand, focus on the money you want to manifest, and blow the mixture into the room where you are standing.

Let the cinnamon and salt sit for at least 24 hours before you clean it up.

I did this on the first Sunday of the month and by Wednesday I manifested an extra $200 out of the blue!

So exciting and fun, you have to try it!


Final thoughts

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of six of the easiest cinnamon money spells to help you attract money in your life!

Try one or more of them (but don’t overdo it, and give it time!)

The best thing you can do is to just focus on manifesting money, and stop worrying about how it will come to you.

And believe me, it will come!

Just open your heart and mind and believe.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re really serious about manifesting money with cinnamon and salt, then you need to get your free numerology reading!

It’s so helpful for you to understand how your money vibrations work and what kind of actions you need to take to get the most cash you can!


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