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How To Manifest Someone To Breakup With Their Girlfriend

Can you manifest someone to breakup with their girlfriend?

Yes you can manifest someone else’s breakup and it’s fairly easy to do!

If you’re looking to manifest someone specific to breakup with their current partner so that you can have a chance to get with them, this article will help you out.

Fair warning, there are quite a few reasons why you wouldn’t want to do this.

And we’ll cover those as well.

But if you’re looking to breakup someone from their current relationship, I’m going to tell you exactly how.

(Life is all about free will after all, so I want you to feel like you can make your own choices!)


Do you really want to manifest a breakup?

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Before you even start the process of manifesting someone to breakup their relationship, you need to consider if that’s really what you want to do.

Even if you’re successful you could be headed for some real life surprises that you may not like.

Here are a few things to consider before you go down this route:


1- Manifesting a breakup for a negative reason

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First, if you’re manifesting someone to breakup and it’s coming from a negative feeling about yourself, you are likely to make your situation worse.

Because remember, the thoughts and feelings you put into your manifestation will be amplified.

You can’t manifest good things from a bad place.

So if, for example, your ex has a new girlfriend and you think she’s prettier than you, and you want to get rid of her so he can come back, what does that say to the universe?

It says “I’m not good enough. I’m not pretty. I’m not worthy.”

And those feelings are going to come right back to you.

You won’t be able to manifest a healthy relationship full of mutual respect and deep physical intimacy because you won’t believe you’re worth it!

So make sure that any thoughts of manifesting someone are coming from a good place, not a negative one.

An example of a healthier reason you might manifest someone to breakup could be that you feel like they’re a bad fit.

Maybe someone you care about is in a relationship with someone who is using them, putting them down, or mistreating them in some way.

In that case, it would be a good thing to manifest someone to breakup with that person.

But even then, use caution and make sure your thoughts and feelings are coming from a good place.


2- You could end up with a situation that you don’t like

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Another consideration is sometimes when you manifest a breakup and it works, you could end up with a result that isn’t what you wanted.

For example, let’s say your ex is in a relationship and then suddenly breaks up with his girlfriend.

You may think it would be awesome if he came running back to you because of this break-up…but maybe not so much when there are two people’s feelings to consider.

It’s possible that he may have broken up with her for a reason and not because he wanted to be with you.

In that case, even if it was your intention to get him back, it might not happen the way you want it to.

Or worse yet, he could come running back to you and the two of you get back together, but things are even worse than they were before.

So be very careful about what you manifest in a breakup situation – make sure that you’re really okay with any potential outcomes.


3- You lose them how you get them

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Finally, you always have to think about the possibility that you might lose the person you’re trying to manifest a breakup with.

If you manifest that breakup and they do come back to you, it could be that you’ve created a weak bond because it wasn’t authentic.

It’s likely to be very easy for your new relationship to be broken up.

Think of it like this… if all it takes is someone’s will to break up your ideal partner from their new girlfriend, what makes your relationship so much stronger?

Would you want that done to you?

You’d hope that your bond is built on something stronger than the will of an outside force.

However, you can do additional steps and processes to manifest your ex back after you’ve broken them up and you can create a strong bond that way.

But keep in mind that there will be more to it than just doing the breakup and sitting back and expecting a happy relationship to form.


How To Manifest Someone To Breakup

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To manifest someone to breakup with their girlfriend, the main thing you want to focus on is what you DO want, rather than what you don’t want.

The best results will come only when you cease to acknowledge or think of the other person at all.

The reason you’re perceiving them as a threat or as keeping you and your specific person apart is that you’re giving them too much power.

You have to focus 100% on YOU and the connection and bond that you want to create with your desired person.

When you do that, the universe will take care of the rest.

Once you understand that everything in your outer world starts with your inner world, you’ll be able to manifest the person you desire and break up their current relationship because it will be in full alignment!

But if you want a quick and easy spell to help you manifest a breakup… here’s a good one that anybody can do!


Spell To Breakup Two People in a Relationship

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To manifest someone to breakup with their girlfriend, simply write the person’s name at the top of a sheet of paper.

Leave a big gap in the middle, then at the bottom write the name of the person you want to break them up from.

In the middle of the paper, write “BREAK UP” in all caps with black ink (a thick marker is best for this).


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Fold the paper in half along the “BREAKUP” line, then say this chant 3x:

“With this paper, break apart

Ties that bind two lovers’ hearts

Free my love to come to me

So it is, so shall it be!”



After you say the chant, rip the paper in half along the breakup line, then discard each half someplace different.

You can throw one in the trashcan and burn the other until it turns to ash.

You can bury one underneath some dirt or cut the other into tons of tiny pieces.

The main thing is that both papers are completely destroyed, but separate from each other in space.

That way the breakup is solid.


Focus on yourself

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After you do this spell, make sure you STOP paying attention to or focusing on the relationship that you’re trying to breakup.

The breakup ritual is the one thing you will do that gives any energy to the other person.

From here on out, everything you do should be focused on building yourself up and visualizing the relationship or desired outcome that you want with your specific person!

You should focus on having a robust social life, even pursuing other romantic relationships in the meantime, and even reminiscing about the beautiful parts of your previous relationship could help.

The main thing is that you want to feel good about yourself and your situation!

When you take this kind of action and truly focus on yourself, it will send a signal to the universe that you believe in yourself and you know that you’re WORTHY of creating a relationship that you desire.

Remember that everything starts with you and if you want to change something about your outer world, you have to start by changing what’s going on inside of you.

The universe responds to actions and inner thoughts, not words.

So make sure you focus everything on yourself and the person that’s been in your heart all along!


beautiful happy couple holding hands silhouette manifest SP

Oh and by the way, if you’re looking to fast-track your success with getting your ex to come back to you once you’ve done the breakup spell, then you’ll want to follow the steps in this guide!

I’ve told you that you need to focus on you and the relationship you want, but there’s a SPECIFIC path you need to follow if you want to do this right.

It’s easy to get the person back after the breakup but you could wind up creating more problems than you had in the first place if you don’t follow the specific order of things you need to do!

Imagine going through all the trouble of breaking up your ex with their girlfriend only to have them come back and hate you?

Eww, right?

Do yourself a favor and get the guide (it’s only 92 pages – you can read it in a night!)

And then once she’s gone once and for all, you can get him to come into your life and live happily ever after!

Good luck!


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