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How To Do The 123 Manifestation Method (3 Easy Steps)

Have you ever heard of the 123 manifestation method?

If not, you’re totally missing out on a super simple manifestation technique that’s perfect for beginners, or if you’ve got a smaller request that you need to manifest in as few as three days!

Today I’m going to tell you all about the 123 method and how you can get started using it right away!


One thing that helps the 123 method work faster

tribal woman on the rocks doing the 123 manifestation method.

So I had immediate success with the 123 method and I know you can too, but I do want to be honest about something else I did (and still check and analyze even more…)

It’s that not just with the 123 method but with every manifestation exercise, I didn’t start to get super strong results until I got my numerology reading.

Listen… I’m a naturally curious person, but also skeptical at times, if that makes sense?

So I hear about something new and it does take me hearing about it a few times before I go for it.

So I heard about the numerology reading and at first, I was so busy so I was like “meh”, but then I finally got mine done and when I did…


I was manifesting so-so before, right?

Like let’s say I wanted to manifest money.

I’d do a ritual and then in like about a month, I’d get some money.

That was cool and I mean, it’s still just easy, free money right?

But after my numerology reading, it was like the whole world opened up to me.

I started manifesting crazy money in a few days – sometimes overnight.

I was manifesting texts fast, my hair grew longer, I lost weight…

Like my life just started to transform!

And it’s free!

Like, seriously, I felt so silly for wasting time being all weird about it when all I had to do was get a free reading and all these blessings from the Universe started raining down on me.

I don’t want you to waste your time and delay your results by making the same mistakes, babe!

I want you to fast-track your success with the 123 method and everything else so you can start winning big like I finally did, now.

All you have to do (before usingthe 123 method – not after) is get your free numerology reading.

(Make sure you actually pay attention to the advice – it’s important!)

Then see how fast all your dreams can come true!

You’ll love it – promise!

Get yours now.


What is the 123 manifestation method?

Outdoor fashion photo of young beautiful lady in autumn landscape asking for help from the universe.

The 123 manifestation method is a new technique that I’ve used to manifest a quick text from someone, a favorable outcome with a project at work, smoothing over a challenging conversation, and even extra donations to a charity drive I was participating in!

It’s a super quick method that doesn’t take up tons of your time, but the results can be big!


What do you need for the 123 method?

Beautiful young hippie woman doing 33x3 manifestation method

All you need to be successful with the 123 manifestation technique is your intention, a pen or pencil to write with, and paper on which to write your affirmations.


But you do need the following:

1. A positive affirmation – usually written in first person present tense. It’s best if it’s short – easily memorized, but not so short that it lacks impact. I suggest making your affirmation two sentences long. At the very most, make it 3 or 4 sentences long.

2. A timer set for three minutes – you can use a digital kitchen timer from any store, your phone’s stopwatch app, an egg timer – really anything as long as it goes off every three minutes.

3. A quiet spot for you to sit in so you can focus – it doesn’t need to be a fancy room with leather-bound books and scented candles or anything, but your family living room might not exactly work!


The method is as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

1. Pick one intention to manifest and write a positive affirmation for it.

2. Commit to focusing on it twice a day.

3. Focus on it for three minutes at a time.


What can you use the 123 method for?

Beautiful bohemian girl in spring garden 1204 times.

You can use the 123 method to manifest literally anything.


Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Money – write an affirmation stating “Money comes easily and frequently” or “Money flows freely into my life”.

2. Health – write an affirmation stating “I am always at my ideal weight.” or “My body heals quickly from all minor and serious injuries.”

3. Love – write an affirmation stating “I am surrounded by people who love and support me.” or “My thoughts and words about others attract loving and supportive people into my life.”

4. Prosperity – write an affirmation stating “I create abundance in all areas of my life” or “I find creative ways to make all of my dreams come true.”

5. Career – write an affirmation stating “I am doing work that I love and that fulfills me.” or “The perfect career opportunity falls into my lap at the perfect time” or “My life’s purpose puts me on a fast-track to success”.

Possibilities are endless, but you do want one thing to focus on – that’s the main idea!

How do you do the 123 manifestation technique?

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Here are step-by-step instructions for using the 123 method. You’ll see just how easy it can be!


The method is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Pick one intention to manifest and write a positive affirmation for it.

2. Commit to focusing on it twice a day.

3. Focus on it for three minutes at a time.

And that’s it!


My 123 method success story & example

attractive bohemian style woman lying on the sand 777.

So, let’s say you want to manifest extra donations to your project or charity like I did.

You obviously already have a clear intention in mind – to manifest extra donations.

Then it’s time to do the affirmation.

Now, sometimes I like to be super-specific, and if there’s an exact dollar amount you want you should add it.

But for this request I wanted as many donations from different people and sources as possible, so I made my affirmation “My charity receives unlimited donations beyond expectations” to manifest more donations.

I wrote the affirmation once and then I did store it in my phone so I would remember it.

And I also used my phone as a 3-minute timer so it was all convenient to have handy.

To focus on the intention and affirmation for three minutes twice a day, I set my alarm for twice a day to remind me to do this.

If I was in a place or space where I could, I would focus on the affirmation by writing it over and over for 3 minutes.

If I wasn’t, I would just recite the affirmation as a mantra to myself for three minutes.

Sometimes I would go to the bathroom to do this – just be alone and focus.

It’s only three minutes so it worked!


How long do you do the 123 technique?

Beautiful young boho style woman outdoors. Spiritual concept. 55x5 method.

You can do the 123 technique for as long as you need until your manifestation comes!

I recommend at least three days at a minimum.

For my charity event,

I did it for the whole three weeks leading up to my charity drive and the donations poured in.

Sometimes I think the longer and the more consistent you are, the better!

But if you want to manifest a text or something a little smaller and faster in just a few days, you probably only need to do it for three days to get a good result.


What if the 123 method doesn’t work?

Beautiful lady surrounded autumn leaves and 000.

That’s okay!

Try doing it again and using different wording for your positive affirmation.

It will work if you believe it will work and keep practicing!

Just like anything else, try, try again 🙂


Can I use the 123 method for multiple goals?

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You can technically use the 123 method for multiple goals, but I don’t advise doing the 123 method multiple times a day for different goals at the same time.

There’s no universal or spiritual rule against this necessarily, but I think you can confuse yourself or burn out if you try to manifest too much from one method at once.

Instead, I recommend doing the 123 method for all of your goals and manifestations at least three days before then moving on to other methods and techniques that work better with other goals/manifestations.

I usually use the 123 manifestation method for shorter-term things and sometimes I’ll combine it with other methods if I feel the need.

But if I want to manifest something bigger I would use different techniques altogether.

It’s your manifestation journey so it’s your choice!

Just make sure you’re being clear and patient.

That’s what matters most!


Final thoughts

Outdoor portrait of young pretty woman 888.

The 123 manifestation method is a quick and easy tool for you to use and it can work wonders!

It’s an easy and non-complicated way to manifest something in a few days – either on its own or combined with other techniques.

Make sure you approach universal energy with a clear mind and an open heart, and you can’t go wrong.

Oh, and by the way, make sure you get your free numerology reading too!

It’s the one thing that can really change the course of your life and help your manifestations actually manifest!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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